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Wiring a cb or ham radio microphone? Answered

Hi. I've constructed a 40 metre transceiver. The mike wiring diagram shows ( mic signal / mic ground /ptt / ptt ground).  Can anyone tell me the correlation with  (common / rx / tx / audio)
Thanks Ken


Sorry I should have been more specific it was built from a kit.

Passed my Foundation test last week and waiting on acknowledgement.

without seeing a cct diagram I am guessing:

Common = ground

audio= mic signal


rx = no idea.

It may be that the plug expects you to use a headset/Mic so the rx is the audio feed for the headset. The talk may be VOX controlled.

I assume you know the laws about transmitting?

Err, you say, you constructed it. Just have a look in your build-documentation. Hope, you documented any step of your design process.