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Wood Steaming and The Tubench: DIY Videos at their best. Answered

It all started when I was on the internet, as usual, and began to search for ways to bend wood cheaply. I had heard of people doing it with just a copper pipe and a blowtorch, but I wanted some affirmation from the interweb before I inadvertently set by garage ablaze. Now, I don't know about you, but when I want to know how to get something done, I head to Youtube first. I'm not sure why, but I find how-to videos to be a much better starting point for a project than reading long, picture-less descriptions on someone's website, although it's probably just because I end up wasting extra time.

A search for wood steaming and bending yielded this video of a man in Belgium who turned his backyard into a steam-run hell, or playground, depending on your perception of safety versus fun.

I was blown away (perhaps literally) by this video. With the combination of wild 8-bit techno beats, precariously assembled and potentially deadly equipment, and a project of such a scale that even a music-video director would be envious, you have yourself one of the most incredible DIY videos I've ever seen. I watched it probably five times before I stumbled upon another video by the same guys. Despite high expectations, I could have never been prepared for The Tubench.

Just when you thought these guys couldn't get any more insane, they give you this. They gave you the Tubench. If you thought building a bench was boring or at all a passive activity, you were wrong. Or, at least you were before you realized building a bench out of tubes requires speeding dangerously through parking lots, building it a surfboard, attaching it to your car like an antenna, and SAVAGLEY BEATING IT WITH EVERY SINGLE IMPROVISED BENCH-TORTURE DEVICE YOU HAVE... to ensure structural integrity, of course.
Apparently, these things are actually available for order by emailing DIETRICHBONNE@hotmail.com.
Well, I still have no idea who these guys are, or what possesses them to make such epic videos, but if they haven't been invited to Instructables already, someone needs to draft them in! Keep up the good work, my Belgian friends.

Happy Hacking~Skyfinity


HEY EVERYBODY! The creator of the the two above videos, bonnemichael, HAS JOINED INSTRUCTABLES! He didn't even know I posted this. Hopefully he will give us some insight into how he went about making these marvelous projects! Co check out his instructable LVB in which he uses his steamer to bend wood for a chair! Thank you, sir, for your wonderful videos.

lol thats one way to test if the chair works and is safe...


9 years ago

Somebody get these guys onto ibles, they are good.

We could request a steam-powered Belgian waffle cooker instructable! But it is the truth, this is where they belong.

No, we could request them to post the tubench to show us how to make it.


9 years ago

Wow. Wow. .... WOW.

Wow indeed my bovineaphobic friend.