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Wooden Go-Kart CHEAP - simple For a 14 year old to make himself ANSWER AsAp Answered

Thanks for checking out my question I am 14 and have a limit of about 15 pounds and want to make an awesome downhill GO KART But I dont know how i am going to do it so if any one could give me some ideas or even instructions on how to make one that would e so awesome oh and i need the prices in GBP Please Thanks! P.S. If it is 2 man one that would be imense



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well to be honest if u want really awsome and lightweight id try aluminum frame...its rather simple to put together...all u do is drill a hole with ur drill and then use a small nut and small bolt and fasten it...u can use all aluminum angle rod....its a long rod of 90 degree aluminum so its easy to bolt together....advantages would be its lighter and the disadvantage is it costs a little bit more

What kind of tools do you have? You should be able to get everything you need from your local hardware store. Check the cull section for cheap 2x4s to build a frame with and make the outside out of plywood. You may be able to find some free plywood if you keep your eyes open for construction waste or garbage. If you go to garage sales, you may be able to find a source for tires, and if you need an axle, try some pipe from the hardware store.

that's what i did an it worked perfect now i got a awesome go kart i put a 3 hp engine on it i got it up to 25mph

check out Boy Scout manuals, i remember building these things from instructions inside them as a kid. i remember we had to find two 8 foot 2x4' s and rope, hardware and wheels. i think that was all.

Thanks I'll try this Some time soon =D

wow thanks for the answers guys except for ipodguy??? anyway the tools i have are drills hammers nails screws sand paper....

your main "enemy" is the wheels because if you use normal go kart wheels you will need to have a free turning axle which needs to be friction free and completely true!!!! you might want to look into making a small investment and buying wheels with axels already in them then you can just use threaded rod to secure it to the chassis. the chassis can be made with 2 2x4`s parallel to each other and a half of one at each end!!! you can then make a deck out of small planks of wood!!! hope this helped!!! cm

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