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Word formatting on comments Answered

I have been away from Instructables for some time, and I came back, not much has changed after the pro feature was implanted. Which is good. ^^

However, I have a little problem with word formatting, when I tried using some symbols to change the way the words look, they don't work. Is this due to the pro feature? Or am I using the wrong symbles and my memory needs a little refreshing?


I just chose this picture randomly, I don't know what else to use. :P



6 years ago

You can use the editor to edit the text. Test?

While you were out, they changed the input editor.  And as a non-pro user, you are now limited to I think italic and bold formatting.  You have to use the button to embed the links. The other fancy stuff like super/subscript, strikeout, big, etc is only available to pro members.

You could start here to read up on the changes.

Welcome back.

Oh, what a shame (NOT!) lol Im going to get pro soon anyway when I get my budget back up.

If I do get pro, will the symbol commands still work? I feel like a Instructables newbie again :(

Unfortunately, the inline (text-based symbols) formatting does not work at all any more.  It really bugs me :-(  What you can do with a few simple things is use "control" keys:  bold is Ctrl-B, italic is Ctrl-I, and making a link is Ctrl-L.

If you decide to go for paid (pro) membership, then you get a bunch of additional formatting options, including "Source".  This allows you to type real HTML directly into your text, so you can do things like "<Strong>This would be in bold</Strong>" or "<Code>This is typewriter text</Code>", and so on.

Ohh, well that is a shame, at least the formatting functions are still there. I did not know about the control keys for bold and etc. thanks :)

Now adding HTML is interesting, before the new editor was updated, I look into one of my guides in the editor to see how instructables made it, I found the command (or whatever it is) that will activate HTML. I copied the command and used it in one of my unpublished instructable to have something fun to mess around with :P

But now pro users are allowed to use HTML not just to change the format, but to colour text, center text, etc. aswell?

Oh, and thanks for the welcome back card!

Not sure, I don't think you can really play around with manually embedding the control codes.  You have to highlight text and use the buttons on the editor.  Experiment with it and see what works for you.

Okay, thanks for the answer! :)

I should of put this in the answers thread, I just remembered about it, lol.

Once you use some of the "functions" you can click source and see the HTML for each one.