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Wordpress vs. Blogger Answered

Pretty recently I had started a blog on wordpress. The interface was great and it was simple enough to use as a beginner. However, I wanted to add more designs to my blog but with wordpress that would cost extra. I made another blog on blogger on which I could customize my blog more. I still can't decide which one's better!

So anyone else have any opinions on whether wordpress or blogger is better for hosting a blog?


Lat year I can same problem like you , Wordpress vs blogger . I test them a lot and finally I choose Wordpress as my blog hosting , with some reasons . Now I recommend Wordpress for you and for everybody want to bloging . Be sure that's better . Be sure .

I chose wordpress too :) I still want to experiment with blogger too, though.

I have personally never used wordpress, but i Did just recently create a blog on blogger. I cant imagine it being any easier or better quality. It has a ton of little gadgets to make your blog more interesting. Best of all, it's all 100% free!! Im very very happy with blogger and am going to keep using it. I highly recomend it. For an example of the customizing options you have check out mine. WWW.explorefloutdoors.blogspot.com

Right know, I have my blog hosted at wordpress. I do want to look into blogger. I've heard great things about it but transferring blogs are a bit of a hassle.


7 years ago

I have self-hosted my blog for quite a few years. I use Wordpress and really like it. But I started on a free Blogger-hosted one that used my own domain name. If you're using the free hosted version then i guess the available features are really important. But when you take it up a notch you'll really like the features that Wordpress offers when it isn't restricted like they do for the hosted service.

I have a free hosted blog on wordpress but quickly found out that blogger has more customization. I did decide to leave my blog on wordpress because of the cleaner format and better chance at greater traffic. Do you mind giving me some advice on my current blog?