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Working Mayan Calendar Round Answered

title kind of says it all, but a working mayan calendar round, where everyday you turn the day dial 1, then every 13 days it turns the 2nd gear by 1 and so forth. I've seen a couple projects on here containing cnc'd gears and the such. 


Sorry for the lack of description, I was quite tired when I wrote that. Anyway, the Mayan calendar round works by having a central cog, with 13 teeth, one for each day. the the next larger cog surrounding it contains 20 sun signs, or weeks i guess. This makes a calendar that is 260 (13x20) days long. I understand how the inner cog would have 13 teeth and the outer ring would have 20 notches but I dont know how this could be assembled in a way that would physically work when you rotate it.

What ? The title says nothing ! What do you want to do ?

The keywords sort of help, given the lack of grammar. He wants someone to give him instructions to build an Antikythera-like device that displays the Mayan calendrical system. A really good one ought to include a small explosive charge to go off in a couple of years ;->