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Working NES Controller/Coffee Table Answered

This guy made a functioning NES controller that is a few feet wide and also serves as a coffee table when the glass top is put on. Insanely impressive.

NES table
via Wonderland


Great news! I invited the creator to post an Instructable, and he says he will! In the mean time, there are more details on his blog.

Awesome! I think I need to make one...

this man has made the world a better place. Earth needed this... now all alien races will bow down to the nes controller and weep

Very cool... shame it's not 'really playable' tho, regarding the ability to use it properly. :(

Thank you MadMechanicMike, I meant just what I said. Perhaps you don't understand.

The art is in the details; in this case the use of quotes, to show it as a relaxed and informal quote. I even clarified that it was in reference to being able to use it properly, obviously as the original gamepad was intended. Yes it can be used, but not very well. You understood that sentence at least, didn't you? MadMechanicMike, use your time wisely.

Holy crud I have got to make one of those! it reminds me of toy story 2 when rex is playing the buzz lightyear game ,how big the controller is for him.

yeah that was a good movie. the only good kids movie sequel ever.

omfg. my life is complete. (she's cute)


10 years ago

OH MY! and they're classic gamers too :P

Look at all those photos as well - he could write up a proper Instructable!

In fact, I think I'll ask him to.

Pops over to YouTube

Done. I wonder if we'll get a response? I hope so.

how much did it cost to make
and how long did it take?
i need one

...amazing...i NEED one...

aweiome!! could you make an instructible!!

You could make a single player game multi-player! One person on one half, Another one the other!

Wow... That is so cool! I wish I had one. That would be AWESOME!!!

That is rather wild :-)