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World's Largest Cut Emerald FOR SALE! - AUCTION UPDATE! & Fraud Answered

If you have an estimated one million dollars to spend, there is an auction on January 28, 2012 in Kelowna, B.C., Canada, where they are auctioning off the World's Largest Cut Emerald.

see Western Auctions (for more images)

Simply amazing!

UPDATE: The owner of the emerald has been arrested on "unrelated fraud charges".... He missed the auction as a result. The opening bid for the stone was called at half a million dollars. The stone did not sell. Perhaps buyers were concerned that the "fraud charges" could translate into a "fraudulent stone".... ? Stay tuned....


The owner should have known passing a stone like that was gonna hurt....

LMAO... Thanks. That was funny and well worth reading. :P

Auction was held today. See update above...

Only a million? that thing is as big as a watermelon!

lol... that's exactly what i heard from somewhere else... But I bet it gets sold at auction for way more than a million. (that was just their rough estimate).

Ye gods, that's almost obscene!

(It would be funny to use it as a door stop and see if anybody noticed...)

The day I buy a castle, I'm all over that idea. :)

Maybe to be used in the movement of the worlds largest watch, as in one of the jewels used as a bearing perhaps

Might be a bit heavy to wear though, or maybe there's an instructable on how to wear precious gems this size!

Ha ha ha... That would be funny. Something tells me that the buyer will take possession of a very large paper weight. This thing is more than 25 lbs!!! (11.5 kgs)

If anyone wants to buy this for me, I'll even meet you in Kelowna!!! ;D