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Would a piezo ignitor Ignite blackpowder? Answered

I am planning a hand cannon en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hand_cannon But instead of a fuse i want to use a piezo ignitor and copper pipe ! Will it ignite the blackpowder Sucessfully


First of all, you should really re-think this idea of using copper pipe.

How many real firearms have you seen made out of thin copper?

Real pistols and shotguns are made out of steel, not copper or aluminum.  I think I'm just reiterating what other answerers have said by warning you of this. Please keep in mind, one of your goals, the primary goal, should  to keep your inventions from ripping themselves apart and throwing shrapnel into you. 

Back to the question of the piezo ignition:  From what I have seen and read, high voltage sparks can be used for igniting  gas mixtures, such as in an ICE engine, or in a potato cannon, but the usual trick for electrically igniting solid mixtures, I have seen or read about, is usually some sort of bridge-wire that gets burned up and can be only be used once.

My intuition says that the piezo spark ignition might work once or twice, but the electrodes are going to get damaged quickly by the presence of of a burning solid, like black powder, surrounding them. 

Did I mention that actually holding such a device in your hand is beyond stupid?

Since you've got the luxury of electronic ignition, you can make the wire arbitrarily long.  It would be wise to test this thing from far, far away, since you don't know if it's going to explode or not.

I concur.
1. Thin metal pipe very bad idea.
2. Piezo won't work on black powder (or any other) Even new experimental caseless ammo developed by the Army has some sort of primer ignited electrically.

That is what my new design incorparates  if the piezo lighter breaks i will use a small Spark plug with a motorcycle Coil.

I will be using pressure rated steel and the tests will be performed in a steel vice pointed at a piece of ballistics gel with a Thick piece of wood behind (cannot use metal as the bullet could richochet)

The testing will be outside but i will remotely trigger it from a system Indoors behind Numerous safety measures and a brick wall .

I will also have a fuse as a safety measure incase the piezo does not ignite the mixture so i know it is safe to go infront of it!

Aluminium, unlike steel has a fatigue life, after which, all bets are off.

the piezo lighter should do the trick, though i would suggest being nowhere nearby when you ignite it.

long story short : You'll shoot yer' eye out! (and maybe your arm too)

It may well do, and the copper tube should ensure you blow your forearm off.

im ging to do pressure tests but i might use steel or aluminium its just i have copper on hand

Don't use aluminum either.  Some aluminum is capable of doing what you want  but you don't know which aluminum of how thick it needs to be.

I'd rather you didn't do it at all.  My great uncle lost 2 fingers when he was 14 doing something similar to what you're planning.  Except his accident was with a damascus steel shotgun and home made shotgun shells..

i wouldnt think lof setting it off in my hands till i tested it with some ballistic  gel hands in the vice and tested other things !

Still, be careful. I have a friend who has a semi-circular scar in his scalp from a powder-actuated potato pistol that he had thoroughly tested and had fired several times successfully. The welds holding the barrel on gave way and the barrel shot backwards into his head. Luckily, he missed his face.

ooh ouch thats the main thing ive got to be weary of the combustion chamber exploding on me! ill take all the neccasery precautions and beef up my welds!