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Would an hho fuel saving system wear out an engine faster than normal? Answered

i know someone who is considering adding an hho (hydrogen generator) system to their car. however, their concern is that the system will wear out the engine faster than normal, and therefore cancell out all of the savings. would the engine be affected negatively by the higher temperature and pressures, etc?

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lemonieBest Answer (author)2009-06-26

It's a general waste of time and effort all-round, but it shouldn't do any significant harm to the engine. If the fuel mix is significantly different it may damage things, but without knowing what they've got it's not possible to be sure.


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jtkdirtbike (author)2010-12-17

Ive read that a car ran on pure hydrogen will ruin the engine and other parts of the car like the exhaust pipe and muffler because it creates water which will make the metal oxidize and rust and to keep it from ruining the engine you have two options
- ceramic coat everything (expensive)
- run some regular gasoline with the hydrogen because it will burn up the water residue or whatever part of the hydrogen that is causing oxidation

Unfortunatley you car becomes a hybrid which is not that big of a deal because it doesnt take much gasoline to burn it all up
I am not forsure that this is true but it makes sense and better safe than sorry

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DRY HHO (author)2010-08-15

When it come to the internal cleanliness of the engine, running a car on hydrogen will actually clean out the carbon and make it last LONGER. I came across a page somewhere that said hydrogen can dissolve into metals making it wear down. This might be true with metal and hydrogen....however when it comes to hydrogen in engines.... the hydrogen is combusted with the water vapor being expelled as steam through the exhaust valves and out the exhaust system. So ultimately the hydrogen doesn't have time to be dissolved into the metal because of the combustion process, and since the hydrogen is being produce on demand storage in metal containers also isn't an issue. Whoever made the post about he hydrogen wearing down metals because of it dissolving into the metal... obviously didn't do their homework on engines. Ultimately, correct production should extend engine life. See more at dry hho

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oooobabyoooo (author)2009-12-19

"HHO" systems powered by a vehicle alternator won't produce enough hydrogen to make the tiniest difference in engine operation/temperature. Since they consume more energy than they produce, they WILL, however, cause the vehicle to use more petrol.

The only upside to these toys is that by themselves, they probably won't hurt anything, aside from making a few bucks disappear out of your wallet.

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