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Would it be better to learn how to play piano first or to learn how to read sheet music? Answered

So like this is the third question i have submitted.I can play piano (but only by sound and not very good) but i dont know how to read sheet music. Would it be better to learn how to read the music first? or would it be better to learn how to play piano first?. Thanks for ur time... - Cherish P.S It would take approximately 65 seconds to read this entire entree....



yeh both are usually learned at the same time

I've only played piano for 1 and a half years and I think you have to learn sheet music to play, Unless you play by ear.

I played 13 years of piano lessons, where I primarily learned 'both' - songs direct from sheet music, and melodies by ear. Music theory is wide-ranging, and applies to all instruments. Once you learn the theory behind the types of chords, chord progressions, and music types (rock blues jazz swing reggae bossanova, etc) then you can apply them quickly to any instrument. Playing an instrument such as piano is applying music theory to muscle memory. You can skip the theory and just play by sounds also - they both work. A friend of mine is a musical genius. Perfect pitch (can tell any note, chord, or progression by ear). He can look at music, have it figured out, and play it first time. He can hear a song, then without thinking too hard, transcribe it to score or replicate it on brass, strings, or piano. He can't explain why its easy for him, just that it is. The only limitation is training his muscles to perform the music he 'automatically' knows. That's where practice comes in - physically learning the instrument. Some people are just lucky like that :S For him however, it was still a lot of practice to get where he is.

Gotta do both simultaneously.

Well, as one who is taking music lessons right now, you learn both at the same time. You can't really learn music without some instrument and you can't learn an instrument without learning some music. You could learn to mimic note for note but that's not really going to be much fun for long. You can learn "music" my reading books etc. but music is more than just memorizing the notes and symbols. Sign up for some piano or guitar lessons and see how you like it. You can always study more of what you want to between lessons and let the teacher guide you and keep you on track.

I can't play an instrument, but #1 son plays the trombone. He learned the instrument and the notes together, at the same time.