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Would it be possible to focus a laser beam to an even smaller point? Answered

I was thinking maybe fresnel lens+ high powered laser+ even more high powered laser!!



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The Fresnel lens is way too big to be of any use with a laser. And you're not going to get any more power out of a LASER with lenses, only a higher power density. So what have you got at the moment?
(no idea what xdarkxsparkyx means)


Nothing at the moment. I was just wondering if it was theoretically possible.

search up "laser collimator" on instructables and that will give you a great ible on focusing the beam.

There was some information on this in the open earlier, maybe you can find it. It was related to "sending bullets of light". There was some information on how this was achieved. The air had to be kind of ionized and in this path the energy could be pulsed as bullets with low loss. Kind of a laser death ray.
On a lower power level it was possible to see objects smaller than possible by visible light. By heating/melting a piece of glass and stretching it to a narrow light channel the light would behave in the particle rather than the wave nature.

I don't know.  When it comes to lasers, there two general factors that affect its power.  The first is the output of your power source used to generate the laser beam.  That in turn affects the energy density of the beam.  One could either use a single giant cannon, or take several less powerful lasers ,assemble into an array to emulate the effect of a more powerful weapon.  The array scheme has been proposed to propel interstellar laser sail craft in the space travel community.

uuuumm its possible i tryed u have to have 20 20 vision to see from fa away and u need to consatrate and see if u dont get me then its possible u can do it