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Would lentils be a good filling for juggling balls? Answered

I'm just making cheap juggling balls out of balloons and I need a filler.
Would lentils work?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Lots of stuff can be used - you want things that won't rot if they get slightly moist (sweat)...

Most dry bulk goods will work, but some start to grind themselves into a powder, and that gets messy.

Recommended by many people:  Buckwheat husks.  It's quite light so you may want to weigh it down with some copper bb's. 

For layered balloon personally I like the feel of flour.  It takes a little more effort to get enough in there (funnel + pencil or pressurized bottle approach).  Pretty much any non-sharp dry bulk item should work.

I used layered ballons filled with rice.

i use lentils in hackie sacks but they tend to turn into powder very easily so my hackie sack is more of a lentil powder ball which is good for cooking LOL

I've had lentils in a trio of leather juggling cubes for...hmmm...I was just married when we made them, so...22 years. They're still fine, although more of a table display these days. I used them to juggle for quite a while before I got bored, maybe five or six years straight. I still toss them once in a blue moon and they still work just fine.

BTW, I used to know a guy who had lead shot in his bags. A bit heavy for my tastes, but I was no pro, even after 6 years of trying.

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