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Would like: 4-hr count down timer Answered

In the summer, i'd like to run my fan for the first 4 hours of the night. After that the rooms cools down enough where I don't need a fan. I've searched everywhere and cannot find a cheap 4-hr countdown timer. I have found some for $50, but that is outrageous. I cannot modify a mechanical kitchen timer because those are only 1 hour. So, does anyone have any ideas to make a 4-hr countdown timer that turns on a 110v circuit for 4 hours, then turns it off and leaves it off? Forgot to mention. I go to bed at different times so a regular on/off timer would not be optimal here. Thanks.


I see. Thanks!

Just use a standard 24 hour appliance timer. If you go to bed before it triggers on, just twist the mechanism to switch it on. It will, if setup correctly, shut the fan off in 4 hours.