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Would like to create controlled rust art. Answered

I want to get a piece of sheet metal. Then create a stencil and rust the remaining piece of metal. To create an image out of the rust. Once the work is done I don't want the rust to spread but to remain as is. Any idea how to do this. I know you can rust metal using chlorine and vinegar but the idea of making chlorine gas and a toxic mess is not appealling. Thanks for your help.?


You should go check out the interview about rust painting on www.rustpainting.com

It may be hard to keep the image from spreading from the inside out after you've rusted in the image. I would recommend just keeping it in a controlled environment to precent further rusting. I hope you plan on displaying it inside.

I use a mix of the following, applied with an ALL PLASTIC spray bottle. Fiddle around with the ratios to get what works for you. 3 parts - Apple Cider Vinegar 1 part - 33% or stronger Hydrogen Peroxide - Table Salt - as much as will dissolve - Distilled Water - if necessary Spray on, wait an hour or so, then rinse off and allow to dry. Hairspray works fine as a cheap surface fixative. When purchasing the HP, take ID and look respectable in this paranoid Post 9/11 world. Tall Dave, Sculptor and mad alchemist - currently cycle-touring in SE Asia...

make a stencil of the area you don't want rusted then spray on some clear paint, set it outside in the rain a couple of times