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Would love your ideas for how to use tiny, wireless, battery powered sensor/controler. Answered

Hey everyone,

We made a tiny wireless sensor/controler that can be set up without any programming.
We want to make step-by-step guides of how to implement these little sensors/controllers for all kinds of things. What would you use these for? We have a whole list of ideas, but im guessing there are plenty every day things for other people we didn't even think of. Do you have any suggestions?




Wearables and automation would be big. This "Internet of Things" is all the rage these days, and having tiny wireless sensors is great for people who want to set up their own discrete objects in the cloud.

Also, the hobbyists are really into wearables. Have you been to Endeavour art gallery or MakeFashion? Maria Hoover is doing remarkable things with sensors, lights, motors and fashion.

(By the way, hello fellow Southern Albertan)


A person with a heart condition could wear this and monitor his heart rate with a program. That program could also make him aware of his elevated stress patterns and possibly warn him of an heart attack.


4 years ago

McRelay would be nice. I would use a McRelay rather than the McPlug. Very nice though. The price is not bad, but I would hope it could come down as you sell many. I would definitely update my 1980's security system to alert me. Always wanted that but much too expensive.


Schools are supposed to include datalogging in their schemes of work, you ought to contact some local teachers and get a wish-list of things to do in lessons.