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Would setting batteries in series combine their mAh? Answered

So say I have four 2,000 mAh batteries, and I set them in series. Would that give me 8,000 mAh?


Lets not look at this in terms of capacity cause the mAh ratings can be misleading. Lets look at it in very general terms as to how long the batteries will last when in series or in parallel.

So if we where talking 4 AA batteries in series you would have 6V. If you where drawing 500mA from them they would last just as long as if you where drawing 500mA from a single battery only giving you 1.5V. The benefit of series is you get more voltage.

If you wire to take the same 4 batteries in Parallel the voltage output stays the same as a single battery but they will last 4 times longer then a single battery under the same current load.


5 years ago

Correct, when you connect  similar same batteries ;
  • In series add voltage current stays the same
  • In parallel add current  voltage stays the same


Yes. You would increase the amount of storage available from the batteries.

Setting them in series will increase their voltage. Say these were four 12V batteries, you would end up with 48V.
You need set them in parallel eg, negative to negative, positive to positive.