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Would this EMP cause temporary or permanent damage? Answered

I am thinking of making this EMP. Would this EMP cause a temporary damage? Or Permanent? http://www.wikihow.com/Build-an-EMP-Generator
And if someone can find out the blast radius, that'd be great.


"It depends".

What kind of damage to what kind of device at what kind of range...

Be aware, though, that using this kind of device could easily attract the attention of serious men in suits with odd bulges.

Now, that's a surreal thought - being busted by the Bolshoi!

Can't you just see them approaching you now, carrying their female counterparts.....

Why did an image of Emma Peel in a tutu just pop into my head? Oh, the humanity!

...only the female counterparts are all Terry Jones, in drag.

EMP shelded circuits wont be bothered by that divice if it was on top of the circuit.
Anything in a faraday cage wouldn't feel a thing.
Infact to stop a digital watch you would need to wrap the coil around the watch.
Now if you made it bigger say 10,000 watts and focused it in a parabolic dish like a microwave you might be able to kill the watch at 20 feet as long as it was not in a faraday cage or shelded.