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Would this schematic work as a simple flanger? Answered

Would this simple schematic create an effect similar to that of a Flanger guitar pedal?

The diodes prevent the signal from traveling backwards. On the top, the inductor (variable and homemade) slightly delays the signal from the guitar, and it is rejoined with the original signal below it. Would this cause a wobbly effect like a Flanger?

Definition of 'Flanging': http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flanging (link)


Sorry, no. You need a reel (pun intended) delay....

Could you be a little more specific? How wouldn't this work? What do you mean by a real delay?

Have you actually looked at flanging circuits and the process ? Its done by delaying and mixing back the signal from the instrument.

First of all, the diodes are unlikely to really turn on, with an audio signal level, so you'd get nothing out.

Second, With the diodes removed, what you have won't do anything except set up a frequency dependent phase shift of a few degrees between input and output.

Delays are created in two ways, either the traditional "bucket brigade" or digitally. You can still get "bucket brigade" delay ICs.

Thank you for your reply, it's greatly appreciated. Now just to look into these 'bucket brigade' ics ahah