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Would this sound setup work? -Xbox 360/TV combination-? Answered

Im thinking about making a simple headset/microphone combination for my xbox 360/TV would this work?

The top is the standard Xbox-360 headset (the little brick is the volume control & switch for mic)
The second is my standard headset
1= the volume control & a switch to go from headset to secondary sound (the little black impute to the left of the 1)
The third is my setup
Red = Microphone
Black = Audio

The thing I'm not sure about is that the standard xbox-360 headset has only 1 speaker... and i wish that my headset has BOTH speakers on the voice chat + the game sounds just pull out the cable on the controller to quit the sound from the voice chat (or pull out the TV to eliminate the sound from the game)

The headset from the TV is just a regular headset that works with any TV/PC/MP3 player (3.5MM jack)
It has two jacks (Audio, Microphone)

The -+ thingy is the volume control for the microphone & the on/off switch for it
(The headset volume is controlled by the TV volume)

YES, i will post an instructable for this -should it work-


Dude - thats very...ikea-instructions like...I understand you want headphones whose sound source is the tv, but microphone goes direct to the xbox (controller) That would work but would need some rewiring and setting the xbox to output voice chat to the speakers... OR make a set of headphones and hack the mic-headset INTO it so you have 2 speakers in one ear on one side, so you get sound plus headset chatter, and other side is the regular sound.

Cant i just hook up two wires to one speaker? (like the bottom picture) Or would this fry the headset? (because its getting two signals from two different sources)

2 signals to one speaker wont hurt the speaker, they'll just add to each other (or subtract, as ac voltages do). The power being applied may harm the opposite amplifiers, but I can't say for certain - its essentially the same as bridging the tv amplifier with the headset out amplifier. I'd use seperate speaker drivers for each one - personally. I run into this problem with a bluetooth headset + over-ear headphones for gaming.

Hmmm, i might just buy an industrial ear-protection thingy (those on construction sites to protect your ears from hard noise) and put both speakers in it on one side (seperate speaker for talking) I dont hear crap from the outside and hear the sounds from in-game very clearly ;) im gonna make a wannabe turtlebeach headset XD Thx for the info man ;)