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Wow, Really? Answered

Now I've seen it all.

The original: Cupcake Cones

Copy: Cupcake Cones


It's gone now. I've said it before - we need a flag option for plagiarism.

The party accused of such atrocity doesn't seem to have the m.o. Why would a 13 yr old newbie nerf gunner be messing around with cupcakes? I think it is a bug.

You might be right. With other recent plagiarisms, the original version shows up under "related." With this one, Scoochmaroo's isn't anywhere to be seen. Kind of weird bug, though, if this is the only instance.

Yeah, I flagged that a while ago. Anybody know if his other ible is a copy?

It's O RLY? Ur doin it wrong Silly cupcake, your not icecream ! Your not even cold !