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Wow Thank You everyone, I'm honored to win the contest!!! Answered

Just having fun.


Lol I saw this and just laughed... I suppose it's because I was having a quick look at the contest a minute ago... Though there is something wierd going on, the judging date was the 16th and midnight, now it's the 17th at midnight... It's 21:19 here, 'ibles time is 8hours behind me...

They've always been somewhat fluid with the actually times, even if judging has ended, they still have to analyze the votes to figure who won.

Hmm I would have thought it wasn't too hard to do that, basically running through the tally and checking for irregularities and suspect voting...

Sorry, I didn't mean the community votes, I meant the judges votes. If it's like it was in the "old days" the judges submit flat lists of say ten favorites and then the judges submissions are subjected to some statistical analysis, or sumthin'. ;-)

Hmm I always assumed it worked like a tournament... They chose their favourites, went through them picking off until the decisions were unanimous...

I thought they chose their favourites and then had a jousting match to determine the winner.

...they still have to analyze the votes to figure who won.

Translation: They were so drunk when they decided the winner, it's taken another day to work out what the pasta-sauce-on-the-napkin scribble actually says

The green contest right?
i entered my Bycicle Survial Kit to this contest too, i doubt ill win twice lol :D worth a try