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Wow, it had to happen some time!

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Well... Just look at the recapcha code I got a few days ago while trying to send a pm. Do you think this can be edited, or will we just leave it for fun?

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Rock Soldier (author)2009-06-22

AM I the only one that doesn't understand this?

lemonie (author)Rock Soldier2009-06-22

Have you ever sent a Private Message?


Rock Soldier (author)lemonie2009-06-22

Yes. I meant I didn't understand what common tart means.

lemonie (author)Rock Soldier2009-06-22

Ah, you need a dictionary then.
OED says: common 3derogatory low-class; vulgar; inferior. And tart 1 a prostitute; a promiscuous woman.


DJ Radio (author)lemonie2009-06-24

wouldnt that captcha violate the "be nice" policy then?

builder968 (author)DJ Radio2009-06-24

Not so much be nice.... "innapropriate" is the word.

DJ Radio (author)builder9682009-06-25

I thought the be nice policy also didnt allow inappropriate comments.

builder968 (author)DJ Radio2009-06-25

Well, say you wanted to flag someone's comment. You would click on the flag, then it would come up like this: @not nice @innapropriate @spam. Although if you're calling someone that, then that would fall under "not nice" (duh)

DJ Radio (author)builder9682009-06-25


lemonie (author)DJ Radio2009-06-24

Good point, except you can't flag Craptcha...? Mmmm? L

DJ Radio (author)lemonie2009-06-24


foxtrot4697 (author)lemonie2009-06-22

a derogatory low-class promiscuous woman, wow, im just gonna stick with common tart

Rock Soldier (author)foxtrot46972009-06-22

same here

builder968 (author)Rock Soldier2009-06-24


Rock Soldier (author)lemonie2009-06-22


kelseymh (author)Rock Soldier2009-06-22

Yes. Yes, you are. Revel in your uniqueness.

Rock Soldier (author)kelseymh2009-06-22

YAY! I;m spechial with an H!

Kiteman (author)2009-06-21

Captcha... I remember those ;-)

Lithium Rain (author)Kiteman2009-06-22

So do I! Except I suppose we'll be reacquainted shortly...

DJ Radio (author)Lithium Rain2009-06-22

I thought you 2 were "trusted users" who got their captchas removed.

Kiteman (author)DJ Radio2009-06-22

So did I...?

DJ Radio (author)Kiteman2009-06-22


Camisado (author)DJ Radio2009-06-22

You got your captcha back? That blows, mine never came back.

Kiteman (author)Camisado2009-06-22

No, I haven't got it back - Lira's confused me.

Rock Soldier (author)Kiteman2009-06-24

May I ask who/what Lira is?

Kiteman (author)Rock Soldier2009-06-25


Rock Soldier (author)Kiteman2009-06-25


Lithium Rain (author)Kiteman2009-06-22

I'll be getting it back, if I understand correctly.

Kiteman (author)Lithium Rain2009-06-23


DJ Radio (author)Kiteman2009-06-24

I thought all trusted users had them taken permanently.

Camisado (author)Kiteman2009-06-22

I was asking DJ, but oh well.

DJ Radio (author)Camisado2009-06-22

no, it still is missing.

Camisado (author)DJ Radio2009-06-22


Rock Soldier (author)DJ Radio2009-06-24

Will have to use captchas again.

Lithium Rain (author)Kiteman2009-06-22

We are, and we did. In fact, the accounts were labelled as "pro" if you looked at "member type" under group moderation. However, it is my understanding that once the three months are up, we go back to the mud. My poverty stricken friends and I will but stare sadly through the bars at the nobility within the castle gates. :D

DJ Radio (author)Kiteman2009-06-21

Funny, I dont have to enter a captcha anymore...

J Moneyman (author)DJ Radio2009-06-22

i didn't know we had to do a captcha...

DJ Radio (author)2009-06-25

dont say offensive words.

knex obsessed (author)2009-06-22

HAHA this is so funny

Joe Martin (author)2009-06-21

That's brilliant, I love it XD

lemonie (author)2009-06-21

I had "John Tampax" once, but this is the best yet. L

killerjackalope (author)2009-06-21

A captcha one called me a harlet...

Sunbanks (author)killerjackalope2009-06-21

XD wow. I haven't had any captchas insult me. At least not yet...

DJ Radio (author)2009-06-21

I dont have a capcha code anymore.... funny.