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X-ray Lamps, the perfect light for any radiation loving geeks! Answered

Well, who here doesn't think that x-rays look cool? I personally digg them.

So check out these cool designer x-ray lamps!
Engadget informs us that, Unfortunately, these lampshade / lights aren't yet available to purchase -- another dream dashed by cruel reality.

I however say we will not miss out! so, i think if someone was to get a picture of a bulb, put it through photoshop to make it look like an x-ray, print it out on some paper, stick inside a custom light enclosure, and there you go. A fancy x-ray light.


Somewhere in a box, we possess an X-ray of a Dora The Explorer doll. I've been reluctant to put it on display, because I don't know how stable actual X-ray films are to light. Does anybody know?

You could always make a *copy* of it to display. It is likely you could scan it in using a backlit-scanner for such purposes. If you don't have one, you can place the xray in a viewer (or clipped with a paper diffuser in a window with indirect sunlight) and take a good hi-res photo of it, using a tripod.

Then print the resulting image for the "lampshade" as desired.

Light is not a major issue for processed film, however with that said moisture and temperature are, ideally you want the film to stay under 21 deg C and 20 to 30 % RH or less.. (( and you should get 10 years of viewing from your Dora The Explorer X-ray film )) So you might want to use LED lighting or low wattage CCFL and keep the power supply either very cool or in another enclosure, and if you could seal the film between two pieces of plastic or glass that would be great, it would also make cleaning it easy and stop scratches from naughty fingers ... Also if you where to edge light the glass it would make the whole unit very thin and with a nice frame it would make an attractive wall hanging... (( Now the Legalities, before you post X-rays of people up in a school or other public place you might want to look at the laws regarding medical records privacy, as X-rays are in most countries classed as a Protected medical documents and when some one complains you can end up in lots of trouble, and Viacom international seems to be suing every one and there dog right now and Dora the explorer just happens to work for them ))

Awesome! Sort of unrelated, but unrolling scotch tape in a vacuum produces x rays

Hmm, I can't even get IN my vacuum cleaner much less unroll tape inside there.

For those with the tools, it shouldn't be very hard.....then a posted picture or whatever, would allow everyone that wants to, to make their own :-)

Is that a hint Goodhart? i will give it some thought today.

Only if you want it to be......it is a hint but not aimed specifically at you ;-)

meh well, head injuries have given me more than a good dose of radiation...