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XBOX 360 VS PS3 Answered

Which do you have? Which do you want? Which do you think is better? Tell me all about it.


All of you are F***ING WRONG! there is a reason why Xbox Live is a paid service and why Xbox costs more.

The reason is that with a paid service you know that you are getting your value for what you have paid for.
Also isn't your PS3 network still down? That is the reason that Xbox is BETTER than a PS3.
My dad's friend who has a PS3 even says it sucks compared to xbox and he has had a PS3 since it first came out (of the broom closet that is sony)
so that really says somthing, also get a Skitzmix CD and try to search through all the music on that cd and you will find that not only will it load slowly but it will also not have as many songs on it.
Other than that I do somtimes regret that Xbox Live is a paid service and PS3 network is not, as I would love to play Grand Theft Auto 4 online.



6 years ago

WOO ps3 ps3 ps3 ps3

your right i cannot wait for ps4


7 years ago

I personally believe that the PS3 is definitely superior. It's the first console to support full 3D, is Blu-ray compatible (25gb space on disc (soon to be about 40gb with layered discs) against a 5gb regular DVD), much more powerful CPU and free online. There's also a tonne of features the XBox doesn't support such as (in the UK at least) internet TV, music video channel and even Film rental system.
I also think Sony are dealing with Hackers fantastically. The XBox and PC are both infamously hackable, and the XBox is under constant trouble from the hackers. Only recently the PS3 was hacked for the first time since it's release, and Sony have sent out a patch which remotely breaks any PS3 running the custom firmware: your PS3 simply won't switch on :D
The PS3 also supports Bluetooth.
However, I do appreciate that the XBox does have a superior online experience, but this is not really a deciding factor for me, as just playing the game is good enough, and the PS3's system seems to cater for that just fine. I also think that the Kinect is superior to the PlayStation move, but neither appeal to me anyway, I have a Wii and the novelty wore off after about a week, I reckon it'll be the same story here. I also realise that the XBox does have some cool exclusives like Halo and especially Gears of War, but I think the PS3 more than compensates with Uncharted, Killzone and Little Big Planet (LBP2 ftw!).

That's my opinion,