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Xbox 360 Overated? Answered

I myself, havn't had an Xbox or an 360. But after hearing endless months and months, of good reveiws, school talk, game exclusives, I'm starting to wonder? Is the Xb0x 360 that gooooood? Or is it overated?


You should call it "Xbox 360 overheated?"...

I don't understand what's so good about all these new systems. My favorite is Nintendo 64 (and even it is new compared to its predecessors.), it's perfect for a sick day or just a rainy day (Mario Kart 64+Super Smash Brothers is the best!!).

Well...... Graphics Newer Games Media Capabilities and I guess not be left out. Lool

i think the 360 is the best system if you likie action racing and shooter -it has good graphics look at cod4 -recent price drop 280$ -good games much more but i gotta go


10 years ago

its good my cousin has one graphics arent that great

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I don't prefer it just because it's all shooters, shooters, shooters. And some sports. Meh. I'm also a bit of a Nintendo fangirl, though. And I prefer RPGs over everything. Now I'm just patiently waiting all the RPGs that will be on PS3... :P

I do, yeah. Even though PS3 is sort of falling behind (or perhaps never got started) as far as game libraries go. But I have a feeling it'll end up like PS2 and start building up a good library soon. Plus, I like being able to download psone games, and well as being able to play Bluray discs and PS2 games. Very fancy. :)

And, might I add - I have get to get my hands on a Wii. I've played a few, but no luck being able to buy one for myself! Grr!

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Personally, I am a Nintendo fanboy. But I have to say, Microsoft has a pretty good machine on the market. The library on the system is huge, since it has been out a year before the new consoles, and while it may have a lot of shooters, it also has a lot of good non-shooter games. The XBOX Live is great, because you can download Hi-Def movies, games, and TV shows (games and tv usually not hi-def). I still like the Wii better, but a 360 is definately worth the bucks you will have to shell out.

same here, ive always been a nintendo fanboy but i got a 360 for xmas and let me just say its defenatly not overated and COD4 online is just epic :D

dont have one, frineds do, its definately overrated..

I'm very jumpy. That was awful. lol (heart still pounding)

I hate these

I personally like the 360 but there is an advantage to the ps2. That would be that the ps2 doesnt get the RRD(Red Ring Of Death. YES I SAID IT! SUE ME!) But besides that, i would prefer the the 360.

Get one. They're awesome. Especially with HALO 3!!!!!!! :-)


10 years ago

Wow, I never get tired of that clip !!! Oh, wait....yes I do...

Cause if it is a great gaming machine........ I might be considering getting one.

It has the best games, Live, and graphics. You should see Mass Effect's graphics, they are amazing. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare revolutionizes FPS in its amazing graphics and intense gameplay. Sure, there are some downsides, like the RRD (Dare I say it's true name?), But those are now fixed for free.

Yeah Baron, you can't compare any other current gen console with it. The Wii sucks, because all it has is shitty games and a "revolutionary" control scheme, which means nothing unless it gets good games, but it can't directly compete with the other consoles because it doesn't play any of the same games or anything. It's totally different. And the PS3 is seriously lacking in the games department. And the controller sucks. Seriously! I don't know how PS owners put up with that controller. I always go to play DiRT when I go to Walmart because the controller on the 360 isn't connected (it says lost connection or something), I like the game but I can never get my hands to stay on the controller, the thing is so damn slippery and small.

The Xbox 360 has so many good things going for it (all the things you just said SplinterCell), and a year headstart over the PS3 didn't hurt either xD

My biggest gripes about my 360 are:

- The only way to get your own stuff onto the hard drive is to rip CDs. 120 GB hard drive, and I'll never be able to use it for anything.

- No dial-up connection option for Xbox Live Silver (just IM and stuff, you need Gold for playing online). My new ISP is forcing me to use a program to dial now, but it's the cheapest one and we can't afford anything else. I use a program called Internet Call Director that directs calls when i'm on the internet so I still get them, so I wouldn't use my Xbox for dialing (just make a shared network), but my stupid PC I had in my room wouldn't work with the super shitty 3web dialer program.

Personally, I think it's overrated, and obviously, there's a hardware problem with certain systems. Insane graphics do not make a great game, unless they're integral to gameplay. But just having a better looking FPS doesn't do it for me. I'm still playing Deus Ex. Personally, I like the innovations the Wii brought to the market. I think it's the design development that different folks have been working on for decades. The Nintendo Power Glove and the Sega Genesis IR Ring controller (can't name it) both promised to bring more interactivity to games, but couldn't deliver. We finally have enough processing power available for such interactivity. It could have been done before the Wii (and countless folks tried other devices for the PC) but sometimes it takes a focused bunch thinking, "What would make this really fun?" to create the new gaming solutions. My two cents.

not sure, dont own one. srry.

It is the best system out, it has the best games, the most fun online play and lots of other features. You should definitely get one.

Yup, also Xbox has Halo, and Vista + Xbox = FFUUNNNN!!!!!!!


10 years ago

Microsoft need to make a profit.

i really liked mine until the disc drive stopped reading discs, customer support told me it was fixable for 150$ (screw that).