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Xbox 360 "New Experience" Answered

The New Xbox 360 experience came out on Wednesday. What do you guys think of it? I am still ajusting to where everything is, but it looks really cool. Post your replys. Thanks, N-Striker


It caused my Xbox to RROD and It looks too much like the Wii. I liked the original better and wish this was an optional feature.

I'm not sure if the NXE caused my 360 to RROD, but my first serious gaming day after release, my 360 crapped itself. Aside from that, I like the original dashboard more. The new one is just too gimmick-y, and has no real benefits. The Netflix thing could be cool, but I don't have LIVE gold, and don't feel like paying for a subscription when it only takes a day for a new movie to get to me from Netflix.

well, the avatars look more realistic than the wii, but hey, they look similar.

Teehee, it came out on my brithday =].