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Xbox 360, transferring old data? Answered

I have had the old 360 for quite a few years and it has had a good run, but the hardware is wearing down and I am having issues with it which means it's is time to replace it. I know whenever we do replace it I can always get a transfer cable and move my old data onto the new system, but until then I am curious if there is any way I can transfer the data onto my laptop and play via PC. If not, that's alright, but I would like to try at least! Thanks!


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steveastrouk (author)2013-07-23

We have the identical problem. Thanks for asking the question !!
We have our hard disk in the freezer right now. Sometimes, just sometimes, it allows you to get data off a dead drive.

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mpilchfamily (author)2013-07-22

No there isn't. You can transfer the files onto another storage device but can't do much else with it till you have a working 360 to move the files into.

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