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Xbox Live Gamertags Answered

Post your xbox live gamertags here! Mine: bak3n


my gamertag is "skeddyeddie95" add me if you play halo wars or assassins creed or zombies on black ops. XBOX360 all the way!!!!!

Whisper8895 :) im an active Reach player i just need to get gold im out lol

i ride this bike every day and it is thebestbike ever


FUTEBOL STUD friends list might be full send me message ill delete someone for u.

ExtraAngry Bolt Fell free to add me, especially if you play Halo 3

mines alfpwns can i add you

I changed mine; it's now Nitrobenzene

get gears 2 we can play with eachother

I might later, I'm definitely getting halo 3 next time I go out.

Feel Free to Friend Request me.

I have xbox but no xbox live :(

killermanjaro99 but you already have me bakenbitz

Xenotonic. (No, not GorillazMiko.)

I've friended you many times and you've never accepted. Do you ever go on?

Mines ConfusedGiraffe, or if I'm at my dad's house it's Pvt DanGleebitz.

Mines: A Guy With a M4 My xbox broke so i won't be on for a while

myn is buck1994

what's your rank in halo

Commander, but if I get a few more exp (like 5) I become colonel. I don't really play halo much anymore though.

mini is dutchsoul xxl but my xbox live are on

my guy is xxxwafflemanxxx


i know its not me...but i know how to get a picture of any type of armor,and it could be all mixed up...i made this video, it shows how...justt copy it and paste it in the URL bar...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErhtkQdfjAk

It's for Windows Live games. (I don't have an xbox) DorkShark

mines mutt256 (obviously)


10 years ago

jeroendewit but i dont have Xbox Live Gold atm xD only silver