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Xenon flash tubes, xenon arc lamps, and HID lamps? Answered

What are the differences between a xenon  flash tube, a xenon arc lamp, and a HID lamp?
Can you turn a xenon flash tube on continuously (or pulsing fast enough so it looks like it is turned on continuously)? How? And what kind of power would it use? I am planning to make a cheap sort of torch with this. How efficient and complicated would it be, and how much light would it produce?
                    Answers to any one or more of these questions are greatly appreciated


Remember that a "flash" tube is really a fast, high energy discharge. You can't sustain that output without a lot of power, and the tubes can't do it.

A Xenon arc lamp IS specially engineered to allow a sustained arc, and can even be water cooled. It takes a lot of power to run one.

A HID lamp is essentially the same process as the Xenon arc.


I have a xenon arc lamp from an outdoor theater projector. It is made from heavy quartz with big tungsten electrodes and thick leads. It looks VERY expensive.

i use xenon arc lamps in lanterns of 35mm film proyectors and they costs us about 500-600 dlls. they must be replaced every 2000 hours of use. power consuption is 2000 watt at 25 VCD 75 Amps.

The power supply for my arc lamps was too big and heavy to lug home. I have no idea what the requirements are for these.