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Xmas is right around the corner! Answered

Every year people instinctively know what to purchase me due to my interest in shaving.  If you are unaware of it, you can attain a solid shaving package for about $50. They make GREAT gifts and last virtually forever. Beats a fruitcake.



But, I like fruitcake, and view shaving in the same category as brushing my teeth.


When we got married, the only aspect of the whole thing I was firm on was the nature of the cake: not just fruitcake, but square, so that I got a nice well-cooked corner.

(And people complain about British double-entendres!)


What's the double entendre I missed? Firm? Fruitcake? Square? Well-cooked? Corner? Nice? Aspect? Thing? Whole?

I thought that your goggle-eyes meant you had spotted one...

No...I was just shocked to find somebody who likes fruitcake!

How can you not like fruitcake???

It's far better than some namby-pamby sponge cake, and a really heavy specimen even edges a fruit pie off the #1 food spot.

I think I've had it once in my lifetime - it was yukky.

Sponge cake with strawberries and cream, please!

You did inject some humour into this conversation...wait

Hope it tasted good. We got married at a public garden, and had to use their contractors, the cake was beautiful but tasted like sawdust.  We saved the cake top and celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary by throwing it away.

I don't about the US, but the top layer of the cake over here is supposed to be saved for the first-born's christening...