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YESS!! Fred is no longer #1! Answered

NEWS ALERT: It has been official, NigaHiga has passed Fred in subscribers on YouTube! When: 5:35 Eastern 8/20/09!


You know what I think is true quality? More subscribers for less videos. Maddoxaom (ever heard of him?) has nearly 30,000 subs for 5 videos, and little to no activity at all. That is quality work my friend.

No, but I just looked him up. WOW. 90 more until 30k!

You might want to explain what this means and why anyone should care? L


An annoying, unfunny 14/15 year old kid you have a show on youtube where he's an annoying sounding boy(girl...?) with a drunken, stoopid man sounding mom, no dad, thinks he can sing, has a crush who likes his enemy, says frech instead of #@*$, and has anger management issues. He's also poor, so he only wears the same shirt during all of his videos, and everyone thinks he's funny, and repeats his lines.
You can also look up fred, on youtube if you want a better idea.

Wise beyond your years, you are, oh green-bearded one!


8 years ago

Get a life, stop surfing YouTube all day :)

Yea, stop surfing youtube and surf instructables!! there are more intelligible comments here too!

Both sites are equal to me, pretty darn good. I know I had a thread called "Youtube Sucks now" but that was just because of copyright. Now, besides that, it's pretty cool. But instructables is still a tad better (imo). Yes, most people here are intellegent. The younger ones (including me) are pretty darn smart for their age. Like, I am under the age you gotta be, but hey, I am not causing trouble. I prob helped a few people out.

I wasn't downing you, I was giving Instructables a shout out. Yes, the younger members here are pretty sharp (incl. me, but I dunno if 18 qualifies though.)

How ironic that you say that over the internet =P

Umm.. I was logged on for 5 minutes just to see how close they were. I have a life.

You probably should have put "just FYI" at the beginning of the title, then less of the irritable posts would show up.


8 years ago

Bout time. Watched Fred once out of curiosity as to what all the hype was about, and was instantly annoyed. I'm talking about lightning strike instant. wow... I can't believe it.

I know. It only took him like 4 months to get 1,OOO,OOO subscribers. And I'm like "NOOO!!!". But Nigahiga was like 100k away at the time. Then one day, Isaw that he was like 24k away. Then 8k. Then 2k. Then 50? I'm like "HOLY CRAP! Today is the biggest day in youtube history!:

Surely nobody here cares, this is a facepalm thread, hands down. (sorry, couldn't think of anything more creative)

I don't know if that is a compliment or a put-down. But I don't care. haha.

I would think all of those annoying ten year olds do. Do they count?

I forgot to give kudos to barrax for the picture.

The dude who has been in 2nd place for most subscribes since the beginning of time