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Yeah, about my miter saw... Answered

I know lots of people want me to post my miter saw, and I said I would. But I decided that I'm not going to post. It uses a lot of pieces, and only 3-4 people would be able to build it anyway.

Sorry if your disappointed, but I did take pictures of it while I was taking it apart, so you'll be able to see the insides. I also included a parts list below if you're curious about how many pieces it used. :-) 


Rods: 996

  • green-249
  • white-123
  • blue-347
  • yellow-96
  • red-34
  • gray-9
  • rigid tan-1
  • rigid black-1
  • flexi-rod (yellow rod length)-12
  • flexi-rod (gray rod length)-68
  • orange-56

Connectors: 804

  • dark gray-15
  • light gray-34
  • red-232
  • green-33
  • yellow-171
  • orange-59
  • white-74
  • blue-81
  • purple-179

Panels: 29

  • triangle mini-12
  • triangle small-16
  • square small-1

Other: 205

  • chain link-33
  • blue spacer-31
  • silver spacer-66
  • tan clip-18
  • metallic blue clip-15
  • black Y clip-5
  • red gear-8
  • small blue gear-2
  • orange splicer-12
  • battery-powered motor-1
  • tire-6
  • black snap cap-3
  • rubber band-3
  • fishing line-2 strands

Total: 2,034

Here's some pictures of the saw's deconstruction and pieces.


This thing is reallly AWSOME!!!!!!!

I see the backround... you have a billion knex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


7 years ago

so cool!

i made it but the blade guard didn't work out so well so i took it off

i might put some up so you can no i did actually build it

i built it off all of the pics you put up and i used the piece count you gave me


 Can you tell me if it was under two feet tall and under two feet wide and deep

I think it was under two feet on all sides, but I'm not 100% sure.

 can you provide a little info on how the mechanism was built and on how the other gears work... thanks

Ha, I just noticed this comment.

Just a day later, you said: leave the guy alone.... he is a genuis for building this and if you were any type of an engineer at all you could figure out how to do it by looking at the picture

You ask for details  on building the saw, and that's OK.  I suggest he lets everybody know how he built it, and I'm the bad guy?

I still think you should have made an Instructable (there are other K'NEXers outside Instructables).

You still could, though - use the photos in reverse order, or take a lateral view and call it "Deconstructing the K'NEX Mitre Saw".

 leave the guy alone.... he is a genuis for building this and if you were any type of an engineer at all you could figure out how to do it by looking at the picture

Troll much? I don't think ANYTHING in what Kiteman posted above was at all negative towards Shadowman. Did you even read what he wrote before posting?

 yeah i read wha he wrote thats why i say the kiteman needs to get off his back... he says he didn't want to make pictures so just let the guy alone

Oh, man.  If we had that option, at least 35% of all comments would disappear!

Would you stop that.... Seriously, I'm starting to get annoyed.



I haz maths skillz!


No, I do.

I think you got the wrong link. I think you meant "Try this"

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