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Yellow Gear with 84 Teeth! Answered

I have a large collection of K'Nex and have discovered that a few of my yellow gears have 84 teeth instead of the usual 82.

The shade of yellow is paler than usual and the spokes have a narrower shoulder near the rim.

Can anyone shed any light on this?


From the color description it's probably an older gear, since newer Knex pieces use a slightly darker yellow (unless it just became pale from being in sunlight). Does it have a hole near the edge? I found a page here that says that the yellow gear in the picture has 82 teeth, does yours look like that?

Yes - that's it! Where did it come from? And why does Googling not find it referenced anywhere?

They seem to come to Knex education sets, though it's strange because the ones in the solar energy set have a hole near the edge (but still 84 teeth). Here's a link to the solar energy set teacher's guide (page 48 says that they have 84 teeth). There's also a renewable energy set that has the gears. I guess there isn't much on Google because not much people buy those education sets.