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Yet another challenge from TheDunkis Answered

Here's a cool idea I had for awhile. It doesn't seem too practical but still pretty cool if you can pull it off. True Slide action. Basically it's the same as true bolt action in how it works. Make a handle loading pistol where the slide pushes a round from the loading chamber into the firing chamber for more power. It actually shouldn't be that hard. The most difficult part will probably be the trigger. To make it more of a challenge, try making it as compact as possible like a real pistol.
I might actually be able to build and review the winner's this time. I'll give you a basic image to give you an idea of what I'm looking for...but mostly just so I can get through the filter faster.


Been there, done that. Sorta...

Remember? :P

Only problem I had was the trigger, the best I could come up with would be one infront of the mag, blocking infront, so unless someone can make a lucky sear type...

Wait, I'm talking about the other BA knex mech, where the bullet is covered then moved, instead of just being moved, allowing more accuracy since grey connectors allow less space than the reg style.

Either way, you saw the mech, and the gun.

You could try something like the trigger on my Jackal v4, I realized it could be used for bottom loading bolt actions lol.

But you have no idea what mech I'm talking about, around 4 people on this site possibly do.

Because I was talking to TD, also.

"Wait, I'm talking about the other BA knex mech, where the bullet is covered then moved, instead of just being moved, allowing more accuracy since grey connectors allow less space than the reg style"

That implies it's a diff mech.

OMG DUDE STOP CLAIMING THAT TRIGGER! I made something exactly like it except with a different part for pulling it on the bottom. I put it into a failed BA too. I don't care if you thought it up on your own because I still thought it up first.


No pics, didn't happen.  I can't see the trigger in your failed BA either. 

How can you not see it? Just click the image and look at the highest possible resolution. You can clearly see. Maybe you can't see the inside but it would obviously be the same in order to work.

Yours uses a multiple-jointed system, with a few joints of movement, mine only has one place of movement.  That allows for optimum reliability. 

UGH your not listening! I did the exact same thing. Stop denying it just because you want credit for just one good idea in your life. Open up this image and look at a higher resolution. I couldn't have made my other triggers without first discovering this one.


Looks nice. If a bit messy.
What didn't work on it?

I'm sorry, I have to point this out: Wrong 'your'. Should've been 'you're'.

...I'm sorry about ready to go off on you for the one time I made that mistake because I wasn't thinking about which one I needed and not because I don't know how to use them when there are others who have no clue and always do that. Your sentences are ok. If a little cut in half.
It just didn't feed reliably. And yes I know it was messy. I was working on making something that would work and then get to making it look pretty. This was back when all I cared about was getting a removable magazine on a bolt action. I guess it did technically work it's just either it didn't feed reliably with one way or it was rather weak another. I think it was the feed ramp and lock I was having trouble with. I could probably make a properly functioning BA now but unless I figure out a removable magazine, it wouldn't be any better than the ZKAR. I'd like to use my BAW magazine but it's designed to act as the barrel instead of feed into it and so I'd have to make special adaptations to make it work.

Gotcha. It shot blue rods, no? The magazine looks approximately the right size.

Yeah. It originally fired yellow rods but I wanted to conserve the pieces. I actually first made a pistol based on my old assault pistol design soon after the ZKAR. It actually worked but it lacked a bullet lock and I thought it looked ugly. I should have posted pictures of it though. I remade this gun so that it worked better but it still wasn't reliable enough. I then made the bullpup one which actually worked pretty good but it wasn't strong thanks to the lengthy barrel. I could probably remake that one using my newer trigger from the PDR but I'm still discouraged by not having a removable magazine. A bullpup bolt action with removable magazines would be a cool idea though. I'll consider it when I'm done with my other project.

That's not exactly the same thing though. 

How so? Because there's a different part that you push attached to the exact same blocking part? Let me check your gun again just to make sure they're exactly the same.

The body of your gun is blocking out some details on your trigger. 

I know but it would obviously have to be built the same in order to work. You've seen the internals of my other triggers no? So you should be able to just safely assume without doubt that I used the same concept except just putting the block and the pulling part together.

Well, from what I can see on the trigger there are still some minor differences.

Minor differences that make them irrelevant because it's still the same concept of hooking the trigger directly to the blocker right above the gun with black hands and rotating around the top of the barrel. Listen, I don't want to turn this into a huge argument for something so simple. I wouldn't lie just for the trigger. I don't demand credit in your ible or anything either. I just ask that you don't call it your trigger seeing how I did make it first whether you thought it up yourself or not. If I were to have known that other people would have came up with the design also I would have properly introduced it myself.
I find it strange how you manage to come up with almost the exact same idea as someone else and claim to have never even saw the gun. The clips, the trigger.

It's not the same thing exactly man.  My mag happens to be stronger, doesn't use as much exotics, and holds 8 rounds, not 7. 

It's not my fault people think of stuff when I do.  Besides, I should get SOME cred for the trigger because I made it work, yours didn't work.

Dude, the trigger worked, the bolt action didn't. You don't deserve any credit so stop bothering. I already said I'm not asking for any credit because I understand you thought up the idea but you shouldn't claim it.

If you made some innovation that happened to be done before, but you didn't know it existed beforehand, you would do the same thing.  Anyone would. 

I'll take it anyways.  I don't care what anyone says.  I should at the very least get props for thinking it up by myself.  That's all I require.

Actually I don't have one of those "screw everyone else" attitudes so if I heard my idea was used already, I wouldn't continue to claim it. Is it that hard to just not call it your trigger? I don't care if you want people to stroke your ego. Go make something else then. I know for a fact that I posted my picture before you made you gun so you had the opportunity to look at it. It's not my fault you didn't know about it so it doesn't mean your ignorance gains you credit.

He's a schizophrenic.
So think about it like this dj radio didn't see it but dj dumbass did.

I can. And my vision is flipping awful.

If I wuz to try it...

Trigger: modded Jackal v4 trigger.
Ram: modded ZKAR pinpull
Handle: TDS clip
Bolt to barrel: ZKAR v1 loading mech.


8 years ago

I might be able to try.

Take what I've taught you, young padawan. Calm yourself. Focus your mind. Use the Force! Now go! Succeed!

LOL. There is no 'try'.... Do or do not. ;)

I'm pretty busy at school though, so I'm still not sure. It'll be awesome if I can get the time.

Well it would be great if you could. I'd try but I have another project in mind. I think I finally figured out a decent way to make a fully automatic slingshot (what I'm just going to call an RBG that fires k'nex pieces as essentially that's what they are) with a controllable RoF as far as I know. It would fire as fast as it takes for the bullet to shoot. In theory that means shorter guns would be faster and longer guns would be slower. You might be able to guess how it works. I think it might turn out to be a great concept for a war gun if I can add a couple of other features.

You start to remind me of this guy on skype...

 Nice idea.  I also have an idea for a slide-action gun that separates the bullet.  In my idea, the slide is the barrel or at least connects directly into the barrel and there is an opening at the bottom of the slide, so when it is pulled back, the opening is moved back and right above the next round, as well as pulling the pin back, and when you let it go, the slide moves forward and the round is separated into the slide/barrel.  Sounds kind of confusing, I'll try to get a drawing up (I suck at drawing though)

I understand. I also had an idea similar to that but figured it wouldn't be all that reliable with a free moving barrel. Also (assuming I know exactly what you're talking about) how would the trigger work? You'd need to get the ammo in front of the trigger for it to be effective, no? The trigger can't connect to the barrel to make the system work but it would have to in order to be out of the way. It's a major catch-22.

 I don't think reliability would be much of a problem, but I was thinking the same about the trigger-it would be very hard to figure out.

sounds good ill try but I agree it would be a challenge to get the trigger in but umm ill try

Here's an idea if you do try. I was thinking you could make a trigger like other bolt action triggers that went out of the top of the gun and then you simple didn't put a roof on the slide where the trigger is so the slide kind of wraps around it. I'm not sure how sturdy this would be but you'd have a slide. Otherwise you'd have to make a section above the trigger and that'd just make the gun huge.

ive made a prototype but i have a problem with the ramp inside which goes up into the barrel and it dosent push the bullet ( grey conector at the moment ) in to the main barrel but i think i know how to fix it and already have that type of trigger i think its the same out of the zakgun bolt action gun thing so it will hold alot of rubber band  pressure so i just need a slide and a decent handle and i think i have a winner with this gun i may post after with credit to you for the idea ect ...

I had an idea like this as well, great minds think alike.

Just hold Kinetics BTPA-7 upside down.



8 years ago

i might give it a try after my m4...

Grr has this not passed through the filters yet? I'd really like someone to try this out.