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Yip Yips Caption Contest - UPDATED Answered

When we ran into the Yip Yips, we were a little stunned. They were so fluffy and flowing and said something, but we can't remember what it was. We need you to provide a caption to the photo below to clear up this situation!

Post your caption as a comment below. There is a limit to 3 entries per person. The winner will be announced on Monday.

The prize will be a copy ofSew Subversive.

After much discussion, the winner is treylvr1 for this caption:

Prescription medication...$45
Running out of prescription medication to stop your hallucinations...priceless


Milk...$2.29 Prescription medication...$45 Running out of prescription medication to stop your hallucinations...priceless

The winner, congrats

Darn, and mine was really good too...

Psst, are you absolutely certain they can't see us... this one is looking right at me!

Act natural...

My favorites so far... very funny. These were the first captions to make me laugh out loud.

Lady: cheeseburgers.....cheeseburgers.....cheeseburgers.....cheeseb-Woah!!! Orange yip-yip: Ummm....n-n-no, we did not stealz the cheezburgerz, Did we, Jim? Lady: What? No, I wasn't asking if you sto- Blue yip-yip: *BBUUURRPPPP!!*

Yebp Yebp Yebpyebpyebpy Yebp Yyyyeeeep Yeeebp

Orange yip-yip: "Eggs." blue yip-yip: "dont blow your cover gorillazmiko!" eric (or whoever was there at the time): "HA! caught you Gorillazmiko!" this is in reference to your comment that the yip-yips like eggs. no offense to gorillazmiko.

Orange Yip Yip: Why have our vegetable bretheren been frozen!? Blue Yip Yip: I knew the pay on this job was too good to be true! Orange Yip Yip: Ahh, a human! Run before it shoves us into a freezer!

It better, it took me 15 minutes to come up with that, lol.


9 years ago

blue yip: uhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm jeeezzzeee this is awkward

Do you know where the restroom is? I think I've got a wedgie!

Yip Yip: Nope, we don't see any blue n' orange furry monster things 'round here, huh?

Guy: Where can I find the eggs?

Quick, hide this cucumber I think she's on to us!

Yip Yip 1:Please recycle the plastic bags you get from here Yip Yip 2: you can get creative and use them to crochet other things with them and besides enjoying yourself making the project you can save money on thread and wool

Yip Yip 1: CAAATTTTTT Yip Yip 2: OOOHHHHHHHHHHHH Yip Yip 1: OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! MEEEOOOWWWWWWWW Yip Yip 2: MEEEEOOOWWWWWWWW Yip Yip 1: MEEEOOOOWWWWWWWW Yip Yip 2: Yep. Yip Yip 1: Yup! Yup! Yup! Yup! Yip Yip 2: Yup! Yup! Yup! Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip!

Wow that is a hot woman

I'm trying to decide whether she's ibles or not...

YipYip: Excuse me Lady...Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street???

Girl: Nice yip yip costumes Yip Yips:Thanks Nice Human costume

I won the last one, so it wouldn't exactly be fair to enter this one now would it...let someone else get the book...

its okay, you're not that funny
whats the chances you'd win twice?
Jk, don't kill me, don't kill me

Aww, thanks! That's really sweet of you. But I already have one coming-keep it, or if you don't want it, give it to the library, or your sister, or somebody. :-)

either you're wearing costumes, or i need to add vitamins to my grocery list...

"Yip Yaps? You've got the wrong guys. We're not yip yaps! Just the cookie monster and a carrot....."

Orange: Shalt thou tellst mine consience where thine eggs are? Blue: Shalt thou not! Thine humans doth not know mine language! Orange: Doth I speaketh in Their language? Blue: Shalt thou?!?! THOU SHALT!!!! Orange (flips out a book and flips through it): Where..... can........ we find....... "coffee extravaganza"? Lady: That's two miles from here. Orange: Thank..... you........ goodbye Blue after teleporting to the coffee extravaganza, thinking: Man, this costume is not very inconspicuous.....

As farmers begin to modify their crops more and more, the NY Times asks, "GM Foods; Have they gone too far?".

where can we find the baked goods isle? we lost a bet to cookie monster


9 years ago

Lady: Oh, Yip Yips do not appear to be on the grocery list. Eggs, yep. Carrots, yep. Yip Yips.... nope, sorry.

And just where does this produce come from?

Are you SURE all of this produce is organic?