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You Might be an Instructabler if... Answered

You might be an instructabler if you have a favourite brand of medical tape.


...if you'd rather be talking on the Forums than with your girlfriend.

...you don't have a girlfriend because you spend all your time on instructables

...your girlfriend is also an Instructabler

THAT PERSON IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heh, I know I know. I was kidding.

hes lying to preserve his rep lol j/k

i wish, but i don't have(or ever had for that matter) a girlfriend.

...if you'd rather read a new 'ible now than eat or use the toilet. Which is why your bathroom now has a dorm fridge, microwave, and a swing-out computer rest, all within reach of the only place to sit. Plus broadband.

...if you've been keeping a list to see how many of these apply to you.

aww. thats too bad. no offense, but you probably freak chicks out with religion and knex

I know. I like the new avatar. I'm sure you worked pretty hard on it...

Thanks, not reall. I took it off the web, to show my support for the Iowa Hawkeyes!

no, not really. they don't care about religion(though i am trying to change that) and most of them don't know about my knex. and the one that does thinks it is cool.

What do you mean you are trying to change the religion part of you?

no, but that the girls i know don't really care about religion.

Don't sacrifice yourself for girls, you can find one that accepts you for who you are

nono, i know that( thats why i don't have a girlfriend.). i don't really want a girlfriend right now anyway.

Alright good, girls have a nasty bug called cooties anyway. If you catch them... you are pretty much doomed to be tied down by an unsuccessful marriage for the rest of your life. You've had your shots right?

O no!!!! i have to go get those shots right away!

Seriously, stop that.

Stop it.

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10 years ago

if you have ever said 'I know where some good instructions on that are

....when someone breaks their legs, you offer to buy it to make a sculpture?

...if you use Instructables.

... if you slow down as you drive past interesting dumpsters.

... if you always have your multi-tool in your pocket, even around the house.

... if people are more likely to ask you to fix a broken door than the janitor.

... if people are more likely to pass scrap on to you than to the recycle bin.

... if people don't worry about strange smells or loud noises, they just assume.

Scary how closely every one of those fits me. There are two multi-tools in my pocket right now, a Leatherman Squirt S4 for cutting and small stuff, and a heavier-duty folding screwdriver-pliers set.

... if to get you out of her hair, your mother tells you to "go blow something up."
... if "shop" means "wherever I last left my tools."
... if every day you decide which unfinished project to work on next.
... if one of those unfinished projects is dismantling something to get the parts you need for another project.
... if you check the same garage sale multiple times, just in case they have something new.

I think I may be an instructabler more likely an 'ibler

They make medical tape ?? boy all these years I've been using PVC electrical tape, it comes in several colors, I like Black it contrasts nicely against the toilet paper, it's water proof, shook resistant, C.S.A., UL, and V.D.E. Approved, I'd like to see a medical tape with those kind of ratings and it even peels off nice and leaves the hairs in the place, and most important of all while your taping up your fingers you don't need a scissors to cut it with....

... if you have had more than one discussion on the relative merits of at least four types of adhesive tape and which one was your favourite

I already get your number 1, 4 and 5, Kiteman :)

I like the elastic, adhesive one from elastoplast, it's great...

If you mention the robot offline.

if you say ewilhelm when in common conversation.