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You know those party poppers? The ones you throw on the ground and they make a tiny spark. How do you make those? Answered

One time i unwrapped one and these rock/crystals came out. Any idea what they are and how to make them. I though it was phosphorus and another compound that ignited it. But I still have no clue. I had once seen something on a website called the anarchists cookbook. But the website was quickly deleted...



Best Answer 9 years ago

it's in the paper. the inside of the paper has a substance called silver fulminate. this substance is explosive like a match against a match box. when the grains of sand hit the ground, they scrape against the silver fulminate in the paper, which makes a tiny snap.

i know for a fact that it is silver fulminate, mixed with gravel and potassium chlorate to help stabilize it, as well as made it work as if the potassium chlorate were extra silver fulminate, the paper is coated in a course substans , perhaps phosphorus, to assist in the rocks combustion should the silve rnot work.

you're correct about sand/silver fulminate but potassium chlorate is never added to "help stabilize" something. Potassium chlorate with any kind of fuel (sulfur is a good example) is extremely shock sensitive.

Metal fulminates used to be used as primers in center fire cartridges. I think they use metal styphinates eg Pb.


3 years ago

Gravel Rocks impregnated with liquid Silver Fulminate


3 years ago

although the silver fulminate MIGHT be true, the paper has nothing to do with the ignition. if you unwrap about 10 or 15 of the poppers from the paper and lightly insert them into a plastic sandwich bag, you can make a firework explosion similar to an M-95 which is the closest to an M-80 as you can get legally in Indiana. be very careful when doing this and use proper safety equipment. I wasn't and when the amount of tiny rocks in the bag were the size of a golf ball, the weight from the top on the bottom, gave enough pressure to make them explode. I had some minor injuries but, just because they were minor, doesn't mean you can bypass any safety precautions. P.S. if you mix them right in a home made container with other house held materials such as film canisters, you can throw it at a train car and blow a nice dent in it... thumbs up and enjoy! JUST BE SAFE!!!

The anarchists cookbook is still available believe it or not on Amazon.

Won't be flash powder, that's a high explosive. The silver fulminate sounds right. If it's not that, it'll be nitrogen triiodide, which is very volatile in a pure form, so it'll have a preventer in it.

it's silver fulminate coated sand, so when it hits the target the sand rubs the silver fulminate setting it off.


9 years ago

i can't remember exactly, but its like those 'spark rocks' you used to see in grocery stores, its like aluminum coated iron or somesuch thing, and when they strike together they 'pop', though I can't remember exactly, its been years since i've done something like that! :D

Think it's gunpowder. If you want to do this, get a piece of wrapping paper, like the clear one, like SaranWrap or whatever it's called. Take out ALL the rocks from those paper things and put them all in the middle of the square of the wrap. Make sure you don't drop them because at any time they can spark and BOOM. When done, wrap it up. Like, have it at the bottom and twist so it's like a big popper. Throw it. It's really loud.

I believe it is flash power that makes a bang - with stone bits that can easily make sparks when they hit each other.