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Your Airsoft Arsenal Answered

What Airsoft Guns do you have? I have a S.P.A.S. 12 Combat Shotgun, DPMS M4 RIS and a Colt Mk IV. I will update this as I get more guns. What guns do you have? These are my Gun Stats: *S.P.A.S. 12 Combat Shotgun* Power: Spring FPS: 250 Material: Plastic Extras: Folding Stock *DPMS M4 RIS Solid Stock* Power: 7.2v 1500mah Large Battery FPS: 300 Material: Plastic Extras: RIS ForeGrip, laser site *Colt Mk IV* Power: Spring FPS: 200 Material: Plastic Extras: Rails, Flashlight Heres are my guns:


all i got is a colt 1911

mine here


does anyone know any trustworthy website with a reasonably priced AK47 Cm028 (cyma) and delivers to the uk

as of now, ive got... (deep breath) a Colt 1911, a Beretta Elite II Co2, an ARES Tavor, an AGM VSR-10 sniper rifle with a scope, two mp5's (1 A5 and 1 A4), and a Crosman Pulse R-76. I also have a giant box with jars of bags of ammo.


Right now I am stuck with the 250 fps Crosman pulse R-something with a detathable stock, a pulse something pistol(275 fps), and a Daisy
Airstrike 240 that's about 300 fps.

I'm looking into a M4 right now, JG M733, can you tell me if this is a good choice for 120$? From amazon. Is there a better one for the same or lower price?

Here is my arsenal, only counting guns that I use:

Beretta 92 HFC M190.
  • Green gas.
  • ~400fps.
  • True to scale.
  • Full metal.
  • True to weight.
  • Semi and Full auto.
  • Fully awesome.

Interrogator pistol.
  • Co2 canister.
  • 350fps
  • True to scale.
  • Mostly metal.
  • True to weight.
  • Semi auto.

P.O.S Super 9 Bolt action sniper rifle.
  • 275fps (I'm planning to increase that).
  • Takes shells or a magazine.
  • Scope (meant for an actual rifle).

One trip mine. (I'll make more when I have the time).

  • Forrest.
  • Ghillie.
  • Desert.
  • Fall.

how do you make the trip mine I am planning on buying an airsoft gun soon and I am trying to decide which one my criteria are full metal and if applicable, real wood and it is an AEG with a metal receiver and a backup cheapy spring pistol

There's a link to my trip mine iBle in my comment.

Make sure the gears are metal, that is a must. If you plan on buying a gun with that criteria, don't even bother with the spring pistol. My friend's high quality AK-47 has never run out of ammo (at least, I've never seen it run out). In fact, if you're serious about airsoft, don't buy cheap guns period. They won't last long and can hardly be considered powerful or useful. All of these cheap guns were replaced by my Interrogator, which in turn was replaced by the Beretta:

  • Well, the cheap guns were replaced by my Desert Eagle, which busted a gas valve (mag dropped onto some cement). Then I bought the Interrogator.

Your going to need to cut off that US Air Force tape. You are in violation of chapter 45, section 771, title 10, United States Code (10 USC 771) Plus who would want to resemble the air force anyways. lol

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i got a berreta elite II and a walther p99

my guns.JPG

Well I'm only a casual airsofter so I only have cheap ones but I'm hoping to get at least one mid quality one soon. By the way does anyone know where I could get a relatively cheap MP5k AEG? I can't find one that isn't either spring or over $80 and by the time it gets that expensive I'd rather get a bigger gun for the same price. I have all crosman guns so far because it's like all we get in this town. Stinger shotgun 350 fps Stinger M4 300 fps Stinger P9 Pistol I think it was like 275 fps? That sounds too dang good for a pistol Finally a pulse something which is basically a selective fire pistol. Only 180 fps but like I said I'm a casual and it was going to be my back up during reloading and such.

I know a few MP5s, they are $129.99, go to Kappowe.com, then go to airsoft guns, then go to Jing Gong, then find your gun!

Thanks but I'm specifically looking for an MP5k that costs under $80 and is an AEG if possible. I don't make money very easily (I'm getting a job this summer) because I don't really have an allowance my parents just choose when to give me money if I'm lucky.

Dunkis, heres a few that I highly recommend, The MP5K is hard to find cheap and powerful, but here's one
The mp5k isn't a common AEG, i would know, I've recently been looking for one too.
But, the MP5K isn't all that good, if your looking for an MP5 like gun, I'd highly recommend the JG MP5A5, but if its a small SMG, you might be out of luck for getting a cheap AEG version, most SMG's are spring power, since its so expensive to make the small internals that an electric gun needs.

Alright thanks! Yeah I'm starting to figure that out. I love the more compact guns but I do still need a main weapon. Considering we're all casual gamers out here with backyard games even the side arms of middle class guns are better than our lower class main weapons. I'm still looking at an AK-47 for a main.

=D, you seem to have the same tastes as I do.
I'm also looking for an AK47, but for some reasons, most AK's only reach 300 FPS at max from someone around 100 dollars.
There's 2 i can recommend you getting though, differing in price.

I found some great reviews on the 2nd one, the first one is only cheaper because its not real wood, and its FPS is much lower. but if your looking for an AK47, CYMA is the way to go.

yeah I figured that part out. I don't know what it is about the AK-47 but it's just my favorite assault rifle. The main other popular is the M4 and I think it looks rather ugly. My second favorite being the G36c (my favorite real fire arms company is H&K;). I'm also thinking about getting a CO2 Mac 11 for kicks and giggles. The only thing stopping me is the fact that I'm wasting money every time a shoot it. Here's a tough one for you. Do you know where I can buy any type of the compact family (27, 28, etc.) of glocks? I really want a compact pistol for the fun of it and the Glocks look the best for their compacts. Oh yeah and I'd rather keep it cheap as the only ones I find are pretty pricey for a pistol. I do get the same concept for the price:size ratio is in effect but still I don't want to pay a lot for a tiny gun.

Oh . . . I know a few but they are all sold out :(

I'm hoping to get a 2 tone L96 from action hobbys, 450 FPS, and for a backup I'm gonna try get one of those Tri barrel shotguns, with the shells that hold 30, and shooting 3 shots at a time, around 310 FPS, and maybe a CYMA Glock 18 =D!

Sorry for the long comment, and nice guns!

i have a 92fs tsd co2 pistol shoots 450 fps well mp5 upgraded with a systema TOP OF THE LINE gearbox to shoot 550fps and a mauri m4 with a top of the line systema gearbox with the 550 fps