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Your Computer's Getting Toasty Answered

Add this to some of the other crazy toaster ideas. It's a toast drive: fitting snugly into a standard 5.25 drive bay, you put in bread for a toasting while the rest of the computer operates normally.

It's kind of like sticking a disk into the disk drive--except that when it pops back out, you have a nice, crispy slice of toast.

CrazyPC via boingboing.


if only it automaticly buttered it...

That wouldn't be too hard to do. Just put a pat of butter on some type of roller...

we could feed the toast into a modded inkjet printer and instead of ink use molten butter so you could have buttered toast and in any shape you want. and now to copyright my idea...

Ok so we have two ideas, mine is simple and uncomplicated, yours is overly complex and insane, lets go with yours...

well what would you rather have sticking out of your computer? A. a roller with butter on it or B. a half dissasembled medium sized inkjet printer with wires running out of it, which has been stuck on with ductape.

yeah who needs the extra heat in their computer. and why are some people so crazy about toast that they would do this? lol

What if you could store data on piece of toast... lol

Could you convert the average 2 slot toaster to usb? or would there not be enough power output from the usb port?

No, there wouldn't be enough power output. Usb ports can only put out 5 volts at .5 amps (500 milliamps), so that would only give you 2.5 watts of power.

Lol..even if you could fit that many expansion cards into your computer, your power supply still wouldn't handle it. You'd get more power out of one molex connector than you would 20 usb ports.

You could run usb cords all across your neighborhood, each one branching out and plugging into every available usb port of every computer, all for the purpose of a usb powered toaster.

Don't forget that there's transmission losses involved here.

thats weird.... i multimetered mah usb port and it said 17 volts...?

Or you could just replace your processor's heat sink with a piece of bread. That would be the easier way (Although your computer may overheat... lol)

You could control the timer/burntness via USB, but it'd still ned 120 VAC power

[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mortal_Kombat_(series)#Easter_eggs_and_secrets Toasty!]

mmmmmm, buttery goodnes

this could potentially toast your computer along with the toast itself ;-) just puting that out there.


9 years ago


i see you have an open bay left
here some thing for after the toast

a literal computerized kitchen!

yea anyone with an amd athlon will have it easier.. lol just place a heatpipe right to the front bay and there ya go

Awesome, does anyone know if there are linux drivers for this?

Yes, but you need a third-party patch if you want to use bread other than medium-sliced white. You run it with a command-line call to "mktst --stu=x" where x is the number of Standard Toast Units to cook to, on the usual scale of 1 to 6, unless you are using the OpenBSD version which uses --itu=x, measured in International Toast Units (1 to 8).

Just make sure you don't pipe the output to dev/cdrom, or you'll get crumbs on the lens, and you don't want that. Worse, if you pipe /dev/cdrom to /dev/toaster your room will start to smell like burning plastic. If you set a cron job you can wake up to toast!

OK that's more than enough linux geekery for now

XD thanks for the info. I better be careful with it then. Might be a fun way to pass an afternoon....

Ha, great! I could probably toast some toast using the heat output from all my audio gear...

This will go perfectly with the 5.25" cup holder and coffee maker. Computers aren't just for gamers and businessmen anymore.

This is lazy... And cool!