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Your Ideal K'Nex war weapon set? Answered

What would your ideal knex war set be? For: a)1 weapon b)2 weapons c)3 weapons d)4 weapons e)5 weapons f)6 weapons g)7 weapons h)8 weapons It should be shown as below, say you have a 4 weapon war, you would have the weapons from a-d. So, sort of a ranking system of what guns you would use. Mine would be: a)BR18 b)Storm 220 V2 c)Storm 221 V2 d)Jamassault pistol e)TJSG Shotgun (Slideshow soon) f)TJMT - My secret project ;) g)Zak's Assault rifle h)Knexsayer Thanks, hope you join in!



8 years ago

T.B.O.S Oodassault Weak Siprani as in one band so it wouldn't kill people. Weak striker pistol Spiff Quad blaster Weak H.A.W.C AST ( if i had 3 more black rods and more pieces.)

This looks like my topic. Anyhow how would you ever carry 4 weapons?? Carrying 3 guns is hard, that would be impossible.

You could but think of how hard it would be to run. I was being nice to say 4. He said 8 Now there is NO way that can be done and still win a war.

Sure, but what's the point?? If I'm across the battle field I wouldn't want to run to my base to get another gun. Anyhow most wars don't have bases.

Um....yeah they do. Real wars do usually, and no one has used them in knex wars yet which is stupid.

Real battles rarely use bases, unless a group of people are holding a building and others are trying to take it. Besides, one weapon and a sidearm should be enough.

a) OSSR b) Z35 K'nex Assault Rifle (havenot built yet and donot have enough knex pieces to build both) c)K'nex Oodammo Pistol

i also proabably can't build the K'nex Oodammo Pistol wiith either of them unless i take apart my custom made bipod for the OSSR

I had a bipod for the OSSR once, but removed it because I didnt need it.

BR18 BR18 BR18 Spiff.

1. My mg 2. Part III of project firestorm-FSSR 3. PKP100 4. br18 5. this doesnt really count but I'd use the sidearm in developing, but its still a non-functioning prototype

a) BR18 or knexsayer. b) AR-4 v3 c) Jackal v2

Yes, but the new trigger is messing up. I have to perfect the whole gun. Unless you prefer an unfinished version?

st j

9 years ago

the big one i want lat won


9 years ago

I agree... I'd pay to see you run around with A through B with you. =p

A- BR18
B- mini BR8

But I probably wouldn't even have that much.

All I need is a TR18 and my latest pistol. (Not posted)

a. tr18 b. bitzpistol