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Just because I am a very curious person I would like to ask you a question. What high school did/are you going to, and were is that school? I go to NPHS (North Penn High School)in the USA. And you?



I went to Penn Manor, but that was before the desktop PC, so all the stuff in this Penn Manor Link is new.....*sigh*

I go to Springdales School(pusa road) in Delhi ,India.


10 years ago

i go to eldorado in placentia in socal...yea i used to go to eastside CHRISTIAN (JUST FELT LIKE CAPSING IT) ANYWAYS YEA...


10 years ago

I go to Mount Tahoma High School in Tacoma, Washington. It was recently built and is pretty nice.


WOW! that is a nice looking school!

I will go to our local high school, in one more year. (I'm in 8th; 6-8th is middle school, 9th has their own building, and 10th-12th is high school.

Hmmm, no...~~Okeechobee~~....no....southeast Florida. We have 4 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, one 9th grade center, a high school, and a community college.

if you are in florida how are you going to NPHS?

When you said "I will go to our local high school, in one more year." I thought you ment that you were going to NPHS.

OH- sorry, that did sound kinda weird.
No, I'm going to our -as in Okeechobee- high school, in a year.
So by our, I meant us okeechobeeins...(i love that word)

Well, they'd be better if our principal was better and the faculty didn't suck. Oh wait- that's what make up the school- LOL.

Naw, they're ok, aside from the learning part. j/k
Do you have any of those old teachers that can't actually teach worth a crap, but are still teaching because the don't have any money to retire on? I have had a couple of those.
Trying to be optimistic...
Good things:
-the school...has windows!
-the school...

my school is ok. Ive hade one of those teachers you were talking about last year but this year all my teachers ar 28 or under.


10 years ago

Harborfields High School (Greenlawn, NY.) (Class of 77.) It was great. This is getting rather close to the sort of personal details minors aren't supposed to reveal online, isn't it?

I didnt think it was to bad after seeing that forum topic with a map of the world that shows were instructables members live

Most people have only posted their city, though, not their addresses. Anyway, none of my "high" schools exist any more (on paper - reorganisations, donchaknow), and my junior school was moved (literally) 200m to the side - methane seepage from an old mine was making it dangerous.

200m? That doesn't seem very far for a school...

They just knocked it down and re-built it at the other end of the playing field (it's a small school).

Gee, that could cause all kinds of problems for those that like to smoke in the bathrooms Phrooooffff. Wow, that was one dry cigerette LOL

Yea, I don't really want to post my personal info.

That was my exact first thought, bearing in mind you don't need an account to view these as well.

I go to high school at the community college... XD

I went to Marshall County High School about... hmm... four years ago. :P I just went to the website and looked at the lunch menu and I feel a little sick now, haha. They had the worst food ever.

i go to all hallows high school in bronx, ny. usa

Syosset High School, NY Not too fond of it, though.....

Hey Josh, You guys have a pretty good lax team!!!! Long-Island correct?

yepp, we're pretty decent, but I don't really associate with any of the guys on the LAX team, other than a few of them...

PennManor High, PA I was a bit of a Geek back then too, even though PC's were just debuting.


10 years ago

I will go to EHS. Evans High School. I am still in middle school, however. Just one, more, year!

High school is fun you will like it! :)

I sure hope so - I plan on taking welding class, so I can start doing the more constructive iBles.