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Your email messages cause both of my email clients to crash Answered

For more than a month your email messages have been crashing both of my email clients, causing them to freeze. Either you have set the security level way too high (your emails content does not need high security) or you need to incorporate style info into the default XML file.

error messages are:
An error occurred during a connection to cdn.instructables.com:443.
Cannot communicate securely with peer: no common encryption algorithm(s).
(Error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap)

cdn.instructables.com returns the following:
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it

If you can't fix this I will have to send your communications straight to the junk mailbox


As Downunder said, what mail client(s) and OS are you using? It sounds like your software may be outdated, but without all the info we're just guessing.

we cannot support legacy clients while being PCI compliant. Try using a newer OS like windows 10

I'm having this same problem as well under Windows 7 64-bit. This is only site that I have email problems with. My program is Eudora OSE, which is based on Thunderbird. I do not plan on changing software because of only one site.

Soon to be more sites, I would wager...

BTW I started ML programming on the 8008, 2650_Goon, 6502 and the Cosmac before moving to the 8080 and Z80..

6502, 8080, Z80, 68010. IBM-370 in college. I used to write articles in Compute! magazine for the C64
Day job is programming mostly C language and vb.net. At home I mess with scratch built Arduinos and 3D printing (also made from scratch).

I too, started punching Fortran cards in collage..

As a life long pack-rat, there is a high probability that my barn has a C64 somewhere..

There is some experience with Forth, Pascal and liked Real_basic..

These days I design hardware and software for coffee and food color instrumentation using an integer basic stamp to do non-log fractional math.. When I need a personal "at home" special function I code native microchip ML from scratch..

I remember Forth - some people were so into it that many programmers compared it to a cult. But it as good experience with RPN (or is there a modern day term that is "politically correct"? LOL

Back in '80's I worked at a Commodore dealer, which gave me more access in schematics and info on the C64 before it came available to the public.Where I work, I handle both Software and Electronics, we make Mass Airflow machines that measure both the cooling holes in Jet/Turbine engine components and also measure the Effective Areas of vane rings and segments also in the engines (unassembled status, not running).
Much of code I wrote for the machines was in C. Starting with Microsoft Visual C and eventually moving to Pelles C Compliler.
The owner of the Company has no background with C and he refuses to learn it, so the up and coming project until retirement in 7 to 10 years is to rewrite everything in vb.net. (I would have preferred C# to vb but he signs the paychecks.)
I explained to them that it would probably have issues with string garbage collection but his knowledge of programming is where he doesn't quite understand what this is. I know that it's better than the basic of the Commodore days.

My Company owner has learned to modify Stamp print strings for the LCDisplay to suit his ethos.. Though operation of keypad responses and ever increasing color sensing math complexity reduction are my domain..

Well, if you use a dead program where all develpment stopped 3 years ago then you can't really expect the rest of the world to stay behind too?
Update to a current client that support modern emailing and all will be fine ;)

What part of "be nice" from the message submission don't you understand? Tell you what, I'm a computer programmer that has been in the industry for 37 years.
I don't like your attitude. I've probably been programming longer than you've been alive.
Something that has not been developed further for three years is no big deal. That fact that everything else works fine tells me there is something wrong with their system. Some of up like to use pop mail boxes where we can keep our emails for a long time.
I don't need your advice, I want to know what the problem is so that I can remedy on my own..

What attitude are you refering to if I might ask?
You refuse to update to current software, which makes no real sense if the software is causing problems.
And in case you are wondering: I started my computer life before the 8080's were available to the piblic, so I do know a thing or two about them ;)

Websites were designed to be on top of current technology, at least up the point he person/company behind is capable and willing to do so.
You want to know what the problem is, then I strongly suggest to check why your client was discontinued and what new protocols and features have been implemented in other clients in the meantime - especially in terms of security.
If the problem persists with a modern email client I am certain the code monkey here will look into it.

No, I researched this further. The problem is in my email account, apparently it is not using SSL.

No such problem here and it would be good if you include info on the client, operating system and such things...