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Your opinion on this DOWNGRADE of and airsoft gun ?!? Answered

Hi ... as usual my another airsoft rifle is to powerful for the site rules. Because it's NEW, iw ould like to avoid open it and the gear box as well and change the spring. Or to clip the spring.

What about to make a small hole in the valve that is pushing the BB in the barrel ??? With those small/fine drill bits (0.3 - 0.6 mm) ???

That should make the pressure smaller, you wouldn't have to fight with the spring and it would be cheaper to replace it ?!?!

Do I see it to optimistic or do you think it could work ???

Thanks ...


Tokyo Marui makes an fps lowering barrel attachment. That would lower the fps, but save you the work and the potential damage to your gun

it depends on the gun, but for some more high quality guns you can use much heavier BBs which slow down the FPS and make the gun much more accurate aswell

You could drill holes, but if you mess up you're screwed. considering how small the parts are, you'll probably end up weakening it too much.

Best bet is to have a shop change out the spring for you.