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Youtube Channel Dimensions Answered

EDIT: How to design a youtube channel. Like a background with the right dimensions so that certain things are in certain places.Example: http://www.youtube.com/user/fallofautumndistro If the dimensions are different from browser to browser then I suggest firefox because it has the most users.


Not really, if the user intended to find out how to create the background similar to the one that is linked when you create your youtube account space. Many new users do not know how to search, even though it is as simple as getting the right search phrase or knowing where the FAQs are. I think there are even youtube videos on how to create your channel on youtube to show you how it is done. Please give the person the benefit of doubt and provide assistance if you can. So, if you would care to point the way on trying to elicit what this person wants to find out or provide a helpful link, it would benefit us all. Thanks.

i didn't mean to put beta i got confused sorry. I was not plugging Alan he is just the best example I've seen

Ah, you changed it. I'll delete the previous comment as it no longer applies. Still the clip doesn't show "how to" more "this is an example of". L