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Youtube is horrible now Answered

So, when I went to Youtube one day, I watched a Rockband video. And I'm like... okay, why did this person put different music on the video? Then I realized it was on most youtube videos. THEN, my favorite Youtube account was suspended. Why was all of this happening? Copywriting. I mean, most people probably bought the song off of Zune or Itunes. Most videos that look awesome are ruined because of the earache-cheap-cheesy garbage youtube puts onto videos. I think we should start a boycott or someone should start a petition or something! Does anyone have any other ideas?


Youtube doesn't ruin content. Users do. Unfortunately, when you get a userbase as large as youtube's and do not carefully moderate it, experience shows that things go to pot. That's one reason I'm a little apprehensive about the future of instructables-you don't want a police state, but if it gets humongous you start to lose control unless you moderate well. It's quite selfish, but that's why part of me wants instructables to stay (relatively) small, and not become a phenomenon.

YouTube big. Nasty people hide in big website. Instructables small. Small is friendly. But small is growing. Adrian scared; will small and friendly grow into big and nasty? Not if we stay small...

Look at demonoid.com I don't know the last time they ever opened registration, but I'm glad I got an account before they closed it years ago.


My bond with Instructables is getting weaker and weaker.
Because more people have come in, I get over 30 comments, 1 PM's, and 2 subscribers a day, it is very over welming for me.

I have an dreadful feeling that I will soon leave instructables...

Oh, no you don't!

If Instructables is going to make the transition to a "generic" site (Youtube is "the video site", Google is "the search site" etc), and make it with its essential nature intact, it must have a solid core of continuity.

Look around - the site is a lot bigger, has more functionality than when I joined 3 years ago, but its atmosphere is essentially unchanged. We are still a community, we still recognise each other's work, we can still recognise spammers and clones. We can still look forward to projects from specific individuals, we can still miss people who temporarily leave. This is the only site I have seen where a change of avatar by a member can cause genuine concern.

OK, so there are 200,000 people who take the newsletter, 2.4 million new viewers every month (and it was only a few months ago that that figure was 2.1 million), and we are growing at an impressive rate.

But I can still say "we", even without any vested interest in the site. I intend to stick with this site for the long run. It has had a huge, positive influence on my life, and the only way I have of paying that back is to be here, doing my thing, and (hopefully) helping maintain that essential character.

You are part of that character - your unique set of interests and skills hep draw in new members. There's a reason you get so many comments and subscribers, it's because you and your work are popular.

Don't leave. We need you.

As long as we can remain heavily moderated... we'll be fine

That's the thing, we aren't heavily moderated - there are no people who have a specific moderating responsibility.

Perhaps instructables can remain that way, with just reviews of flags and reports. We are largely self-policing, and I think that's one reason we have such a high quality - instead of one or two guys barking at everyone, almost all users are reminding new users and one another of the rules. It's voluntary - sort of the "you can't legislate moral behavior" deal.

in a sense that is moderation Since ibles has a bit of the more mature users of the internet they actually use the flagging system, well for good...

yea, your the first person who comes to mind when someone says immature

Doubt it. Let's lay some bait - RAP MUSIC IS RUBBISH!

what kiteman said....three cheers....


2 subscribers each day? Can I have your password?

You can have my old password: hv-2000

Hmmm, I have not suffered such notoriety yet. :-)

Yeah, I see where you're going with this...

Okay... but that's not the point.

The Copywrighting is getting out of hand. Even Metallica can't upload videos.

I wouldn't know - I only use it to post videos that I then embed here.

I have seen them remove some, but I don't cruise the site as some do. I haven't uploaded any video or audio since the DoorBell Prank instructable, and I had troubles then.

hold on let me go to urban dictionary... Ahh yes... He got served

Well we have a huge user base as it is, if Ewihelm would let people start applying (say those that have been here 3+ years or something minimum) We could have some very nice people, like You Lithium, or Goodhart, or Nachomama, they should be moderators because they probably often come across un-appropriate things more than most users as they are surfing through the website more than us. Beats me, Eric's the one behind the curtain and he apparently has some gremlins back there helping him too. Just don't spill the water..

Small? 2,400,000 new hits a month is small?

You're right, though, which is one of the reasons I (and you, and others) are so careful to set a good example and to try and set transgressors on the right path.

I just re-read that - you can see I just came from an argument on a religious forum!

You weren't there were you?

Worries randomly about stalkers

Hmm? No. I stay away from all that. I very much dislike flamewars.

It's not so much a flame war as open season on numpties - the number of people who try and convert me to their own religion, when I know more about what they are supposed to believe than they do!

Possibly it's cruel, but it is fun and they keep coming back for more; I honestly think some of them go away and consult their ministers and priests before having another go at me. I stand unconverted.

Why? Because I seem to attract eejits who think I have something missing from my life? Or are you one of them, terrified of what some undetectable bogeyman might do to you after you're dead?