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Z35 or TR18? Answered

Should I build the TR 18 or the Z35, what's a better gun?



Best Answer 8 years ago

I don't remember the Z35 gun too much but that's the one made my obl. right? It had some cool features that made it more of a fun gun. If you're looking for pure performance go for the TR18. It's a war gun. That's its only purpose. If you're looking for something a little more fun go with the Z35.

I just wanna make a fun cool looking gun so I the Z35

It worked out great, I especially liked the sniper mode PS 5*

gotta love the TR18!!!!!

well, only with my brothers but it's not really serious

oh, what is the best gun you have ever used in a war?

I just use simple single shot pistols, and give everyone in the battle the same gun, that's the most fair way to do it. Also since I usually do knex battles inside because my brothers don't wanna go outside so big range?accuracy is not needed

denting.... Making a smallish type of hole in the wall, but not really a hole.
This is a dent:


well they're not strong guns at all, they're meant to be shot inside, Those things don't make "dents"

I built the TR18 just yesterday. Build it! its sweet!

TR18 or nothing.


8 years ago

Like TD said, it depends on what you're expecting out of a gun. You'll have to be a bit more specific in your questions.