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ZOMG! Has The World Ended? Answered

Well, as you may have heard, the world could have ended last night, but, alas, we are still here.
So, I came across this website that tells you if the world has ended, or is working its way toward you.
I suggest having this as your homepage.
Safety First!

Not Broken LINK


Yep! We are still alive and active, the collider did not kill us!
My friend was freaking the hell out about it!

thanks for that, i was worried.

No problem. Don't worry! If you should be worried about anything it's when they realize they can't recreate a miniature big bang, get pissed, and make a bigger collider that triggers WW3 and the end of the McDonald's franchise. - Ken

Well, DSMAN already is going to be ticked because he doesn't believe in the big bang.

never have, never will, but how should him mentioning the big bang make me mad? i get mad when people tell me that the big bang is right, if you read his comment, you will see that what he says also somewhat disproves the big bang ( the part were he says they could not make a miniature big band)

I'm not saying anyone has to believe in or not believe in anything, just because a few physicist think they can do something, doesn't mean it's going to happen. - Ken

Right about now I wish it would have

Yeah probably. *looks around garage for rope*

*grabs up rope* There's only one way to have fun with rope! *goes looking for willing female*

*don't*coughunlessyouwantto Google image search (safe search off) "girls" and "rope", unless your that sort of person, which a lot of people are...

Code decoded...

cough unless you want to

"Sorry I can't make it there, I'm tied up tonight" THATS WHAT SHE SAID!

Pinata? Oh of course a pinata... I was so never thinking of something different...

Tug o war?
i don't know many other games you can play with rope =(

No it doesn't man, go to the chatroom, I'll help you out of the slump. : )

i cant understand this scientific page. i need kiteman to translate the link into plane english

Very useful link. Like dragon-warning sticks (if they suddenly catch fire as you walk through a dungeon, there is probably a dragon just behind you...)

lol i remember i saw a dragon-warning bumper sticker it said: warning: in the future dragons will eat us because we are crunchy and taste good with ketchup.

That reminds me of a possibly-but-I-don't-think-it-is apocryphal story.

A reliable source told me that there's an operating system that has a function "ComputerIsOn", that is true if the computer is turned on, and undefined if the computer is turned off.

A variant of this operating system has that and another function, "ComputerIsOnFire", which returns the CPU temperature if the computer is not on fire and is undefined if the computer is on fire.

ok to appreciate this I guess you need to know the comp-sci nuance of "undefined"...

Actual collision of particles is (scheduled, changes may happen) for October 21st. No particles were collided yet, just accelerated to test it. No, they are not trying to "make a black hole" and no it's not in England, it's between France and Switzerland. Although there are many purposes for this experiment, the main reason for it is to observe the Higgs Particle, some mythical particle (much like the unicorn) that somehow gives mass to all of matter. In other words, we're all gonna friggin' die. Have a nice weekend! -Ken

Liger - noun, (lye-ger), the species bred from a male lion, and a female tiger.


9 years ago

The link has been corrected. Crisis averted! :D

Bad link, bad!

That linky no linkin' man...

Last night at the time the world was supposed to end I was watching a show on TLC :D

I don't think they collided any protons, I think it was just to see if they could excellerate them, and they did, that's a test for another day

was it the protons? in England? weren't they trying to make a black hole or something?


Reply 9 years ago

Oh... :'(

Now you know how I felt when you beat me to the lightbulb lamp ible...

Nah, just kidding-I stayed up to watch it. So I beat everyone to making the topic (though lamedust beat me to the actual publishing, I think).