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Zip Review Answered

Alright, so I just made JonnyBGood's Zip Mk1 today, and decided to do a review on it. I recommend that before you make this gun, please read my review as some of your questions may be answered. So without further adieu, let's start.

@Range- Not Bad, but cannot be termed as good. It is VERY inconsistent as well. The range that I got with one rubberband on this gun was  5-20 feet. It is quite good for its size though. 6/10

@Looks- The looks of this gun is awesome. It looks really 'sci-fi'ish. 9/10

@Durability- Really strong and well built, does not break easily. Point to be noted that the handle-stock(ish) connection is flimsy, needs some work, but I can live with it. 9/10

@Pieces- The piece count of this gun is a bit too high for its size. And not to mention the 3 broken rods. 8/10

@Comfort- This gun is very comfortable to hold and will not hurt your hand. 10/10

@Rate of Fire- Well, a 3-4 shot gun can not have a true ROF but if the hopper was extended, it would have a helluva ROF. No marks as stated above.

@Functioning- Almost perfect functioning, but I guess the blocking mechanism fails sometimes, but rarely. 9/10

The Verdict-
51/60 (pretty solid) It is a well built gun that could use some polishing but in the end, it could be one of the BEST secondary gun there is or even a nice primary. The gun overall is cool and I would suggest you to build it! Also check out JonnyBGood's page and his other stuff!

Note- These are my views of the gun and if you think that I am wrong at some point, comment or PM me! Hope you enjoyed the review!


Why not post me ????

Very nice! It is always very exciting to see pictures of my gun made by someone else! I will deffinitly add this to my ible'.

Thanks for reviewing it! =D
I realise this isn't the best, due to it being my first pump action but zip2 is where I fixed all the problems in the original so please try that one too. =D

I would say make the version 2, as it is more perfected. Good review though.