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ZipDart prototyping help Answered

OK, had an idea and went with it for my ZipDart V.2. Unfortunately, currently having a bit of a brain fart of how to put a ratchet mech in. I've tried 7 attempts, 3 have even actuated and of those three none were responsive enough to be at all deserving of the ZipDart name. There is a google photo album linked below of the mech area and the gun on a whole. Feel free to comment either there or here with any ideas or insight. The mech can be complicated, just so long as it takes less than a half an inch of actuation rod travel to actuate and is fairly strong. Thanks for any help--if anyone has any questions or wants any more pictures, just ask.

Photo album


I would gladly help you with this, but since I am the host of the 2017 K'NEX Gun Contest, it doesn't seem right to help build one of the entries. Good luck though!

It's all good dude, I changed the design to have a moving bolt-top-sled so the ratchet could afford to be further back

Okay. BTW, are you planning on making a piece count for the gun when you post instructions?

I probably will, I'll definitely estimate a part count. How many pieces in general do you have? I'm going to say this right now, it will use over 30 orange connectors plus one for each round and that is definitely a part I am starting to run somewhat low on at the moment.

Great! I have quite a few pieces. I have enough to build the SRV2, and I have a good amount of white connectors, so I think that I will have enough. What type of orange connector are you taking about? The regular orange connector, or the one that is made for K'NEX roller coasters?

The regular straight one. So far, there are about 10 or so cut white rods, 2 green connectors with modified tabs, a mutilated snowflake for the ratchet, and 3 or so broken orange connectors that are integral to the core mechanism. That may change going forward, but at this point I've gotten the trigger sear, the main bolt, the chambering mechanism, and a solid body for it all to go into. Now I just need to connect all of those separate mechanisms so they work in tandem and add a stock, grip, and finishing touches like sights and my now-trademark flexi-rod shell type thing.

Alright. I may have to sacrifice a few more rods and connectors to build it, but that's okay.